Friday, December 31, 2010

Revolutions of 2011

It's been 20 over years I've been livinG in this world !
OMG! I have no idea how fast the time passed by and how fast I Grow.
until the current size I am havinG riGht now,
HeiGht of 180cm and weiGht of 104kG(basically I think it's about 20kG Goes to my tummy Y.Y)
and as I remember, I sets Goals in my mind every starting of the new year and in the end, I don't even remember what is my Goal.
Out of sudden, my housemate, Kenneth Loo say that.
Hey, let's write down our Goals to achieve at 2011, and he went up to his room. End of story.
and I also went back to my room. Story still continues.
So I went back to my room and take some pen then heading forward to the livinG room, usinG the pieces of A1 size waste paper I stolen from my previous company.
Sit down seriously and think that what should I achieve in year 2011.
Therefore, here it Goes.
4 Main ThinG to achieve.
  1. LOSE 15kg at least
  2. Join the STAR Club.
  3. SMOKE less
  4. READ 3 books at least.
SettinG Goal is easy, but how about achievinG ?
yea...there are too many breakdown :) which is P&C (actually is just that I lazy to list it out here)
all these were written down and pasted at the wall of my room !!!
Come my house if wanna see lar !!! hhohoho
anyways !!! the last the of year 2010 and the cominG of 2011 !!!
thouGh no one can Go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new endinG !


I must achieve my GOAL!!!
There is a difference between interests and commitment.
When you are interested in doing something, you only do it when it is convenient.
When you are commited to something, you can accept no excuses, only results. !!


Friday, December 24, 2010




只要大家认为是可以的。就行了, 不是吗?

RM50 为什么值 50零吉呢?

所以他就叫做 50零吉咯?对吧?

总结来说,RM50 的纸币是金钱, 是因为大家都认同它是50零吉。
大家认为它值 50零吉,所以它就是有那个价值咯。

假设一个现代人和一个古代人相遇,而RM50 可以买两只鸡。




As lonG as everyone thinks that somethinG is that value...
it is that value.
no matter what it is .
what's the value of yourself ?
you set it ? or people set it ?
It depends on yourself .

Monday, December 13, 2010

In love with

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I wish i could...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's okay.

I don't mind, and it's non of my business.
Deepdown inside. It's another way round.
Yes, I mind, and I care!

Love is not blind