Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last day of CNY

So...since Saturday Gathered with my fellow old hiGh school friends...
Sunday ~! the real last day of Chinese New year...
also the Chinese Valentine's Day...
GreG hanG out with his coursemates and friends ~!!
all the way from Semenyih we drove to Jalan Kuchai Lama...
and arrived at the classmate, JimmyChai's Restaurant~! ^.^
and above is our DINNER~!! yummy ~!!!
1st time eatinG so many dishes with friends ~!! ^.^
and of course ~! the price is also cheaper since ..haha...friend's restaurant mah ~! :P
wow ~!! damn full wei that niGht ~!!!
and we also rao shanG~!!
this is also the 1st time i realized that rao shanG can be this lots of mess ~!! @.@
my hand is covered with pepper, sos and what ever that need to be added into that dish !!!
however !!!
WOW~!! it was so much fun ~! :D
see ~!! so many wishinG ballon ~!!
write your wish on the ballon and let it Go ~!
pray that your wish can fly to the heaven and God miGht read it ~! ^.^
as soon as we finished our dinner ...
we rushed to the lake beside AmCorp Mall...
some thinG is happeninG there ~! ^.^
There's an event and there was so crowded. ~
performance..bla bla bla ..and lots of others..
but the most important thinG is throwinG the mandarin oranGe into the lake..
and hope that a handsome dude will Get it ~!
lots of desperate people i Guess.. :)
because at the end..your handsome dude here can't Get to the front row and Get any mandarin oranGes Y.Y
what a sad thinG Y.Y
since there are so crowded with desperate people ...
and we are tired and thristy ...
we walked to A&W for ROOT BEER~!!
it's been aGes i never drink A&W Root Beer ~!
Make it larGe and add some toppinGs ~!! ^.^ yummy ~!
on the other hand ~! we do celebrate a dude in our Group, HonGChia's Birthday ~!!
HAppy birthday ~!! ^.^
hope that we will have a Great time and Great moment this year !!!
it was so sad to know that this is the last ffew months we can hanG out toGether... Y.Y
i sure will do miss you Guys so much !!!
stop it !! don't start those saddeninG non-sense talk now !!save it for Graduation !!!
wish everyone happy hapy healthy healthy ~!!!


i don't wanna Graduate !!!
NO ! NO! NO!
i don't wanna Graduate and work Y.Y
plz !! Y.Y i don't want !!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Steamboat at Sunway

It was the day before the last day of CNY~!
my Groups of hiGh school friends plans have dinner at Sunday but don't know for what reason..we chanGed to Saturday ~
nvm...what ever...
so we went to Tasty Pot Restaurant for our Reunion dinner ~!
and it was my 1st time there.~!
kinda of cheap for a buffet steambot...not more than RM30 for a dinner ~!
lot's of choices...seafood, crabs, prawns, BBQ lamb, BBQ crabs, ice cream etc etc...
see the mess i make..then you can wonder how full am i that niGht ~!! wahahaha ~! :)
. full we are..there are still somethinG missinG ~!!
so we went to Station One Cafe for BEER~!!
and chit-chat ~!!
wow ~! lot's of fun that niGht ~!!!
wow ~! i love GatherinG with all the hiGh school Friends ~! :P


so lazy these day ~!!
kept one sleepinG only !!!
ok !!! i must arranGe my notes !!!
bye !

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Site visits and Sports week !

25th of Feb 2010...
back to school...back to class ..switchinG back to on school mood ~!
and this is the day we havinG site visit....
all the way from Semenyih to Seremban...OMG!! and Go on further inside until i forGet what's the name of the place ~! Y.Y
and almost missed the basketball match of our uni Sports Carnival ~!huh !?
so..about the site visits....
pile....soil nail....CBP....tracks...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....
i don't really remember what we visited that day ..
what i remember is few hours of continuous walkinG under the hot sun !!
and all of us sweatinG and felt like in the hell and worried about the match that niGht ~!
and ~!! wow ~! Get back in time for the match ~! :P
kinda fun playinG basketball....
it's been like 4 years ++ i never play in a real competition already ~!!
wow ~!! love the feelinG ~!!
and now i just found out how important is the supporters ~!!!
because ..two match without supporters Y.Y
we lose !!!! aih....
in the end ~! we Get the 2nd place in the Basketball Competition ~!
hrmmm ~!! not bad not bad ~!!
cominG soon is the Basketball LeaGue ~!! wow ~!!
i love basketball ~!!

my Lucky 1st score ~! :P

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Dinner~

It's Nian Chu Qi~
It's the 7th day of CNY~
It's the "human day" in Chinese Calander~
It's the day JANET Go back to UK~
It's the last dinner with JANET in this CNY~
so we Go for "rao shenG"...
before that ..G Drove to KLIA to fetch JANET and BARTHO because they came back from Tawau Y.Y
awhh..i miss Tawau so much ! home sweet home Y.Y
we hanG out at Bartho's place~!
and Get this weird pic there ~! :P
After dinner and everythinG...
sent JANET back to KLIA to catch the fliGht !!
Pity JANET..don't cry...
she's not feelinG well and ran into the toilet for several time already ~!
and since we will not meetinG each other for lonG lonG time ...
we chit-chat kinda alots until we miss a turn and nearly missed the fliGht ~! OMG!!!
luckily we manaGed to find our way back ~!
thx to VuiSenG~!! without you in the car...
i think i will Get kill by JANET because i'll sure can't Get the way back ~!
thx GOD~! thx VuiSEnG
OUR LAST DINNER~!with Janet...


and on the way back...we Get lost aGain ..due to too much talkinG..
and the very next day...
we have to drive HuiXin to the airport aGain T.T
this time...VuiSenG is drivinG..not me ~! ^.^
why ? you know why lar ~! haiyoooooo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Richard at KL

Since my brother is joininG the National Service...
he couldn't Go home to celebrate CNY..
so he just stays at my aunty house at PuchonG...
As i am back to KL...
drives for few hours to Get my bro and both of us hanG out for the whole day ~!!
hunGry and since he doesn't have chinese cuisine for so lonG already..
we both went to DraGon-i for food ~!!!
After that, we went shoppinG~!!!
bouGht some clothes, shorts and crocs~!!
we shopped around bintang walk...
HunGry aGain...have dinner at Jalan Alor~!!
wow~!! now i only know the food there ain't cheap !!
it's like double the price and tasted so so only ....
to kill time ...since our movie is at 11.30pm...
we stopped by to watch some street performance...
usually passed by and know that there was always a performance there but never just stop by and enjoy it..
but the performance for that day was borinG Y.Y
so we left after a while...
and here we Go~!!
for some SHEESHA and some smoothies~!!
wow~!! the Sheesha there tasted so Good and the drinks there too~
awhhh!! and we felt comfortable chillinG at there ~! :)
also ~!! hot chicks ~!! wow~!!!
1st picture with my brother!!!
wow!!! WTF!! he's way taller than me now!! Y.Y
we watched 14 Blades....and it was nice...
after was on the riGht timinG..
so we watched another movie aGain..."fa tin hei xi"...
awesome!!!! andthe next day~!!! huh!!!
3 hours drive to send him straiGht back to the camp..
luckily Albert was there accompany me ..or else Y.Y
i'll be so dead ~! :P
thx Albert ~! :)


wow!!! and that day i spend so much!!! yihhh....
i am damn brokeplus super broke already :'(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nian chu Shi~!

4th day of CNY!!!
SenG and ME only visited one house ... T.T
Melissa house !!!
then we Go back pack and prepared to Go back to the JUNGLE without these people already Y.Y
then the next day..they called me ON PURPOSE!!
and asked me "how to Go LiewYukJiun house ar ??"
KNS~!!! @#$%@#$@#
actually....that day i Got a meetinG but Got canceled last minutes !!!
really Gek Sei nGo arrrr !!!!
i really love CNY and bai nian with my old friends !!
even you Guys really memanG "memcibaikan" ! dak danG Gek nGo !!!


wow !!
hopefully we can do this and Gathered around until old !!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nian Chu Shan ~!

3rd day of CNY!!!~
the GAMBLING business is GettinG worst !!!
now !! we use all our time to Gamble !!!
evern while eatinG !!! NO WASTING of TIME!!!
but i lose until wanna be thief and steal HonGGor wallet !! Y.Y
nolar !! we just sinG K because i damn broke dy T.T
cheh ..and i post this pic purposely because i looks a bit skinny in this pic ~!:P
enG tao boh ? :P wahahaha ~!
after VuiSenG's house..we headed to ALFRED house ~! ^.^
haha ~!! still this biG GROUP!!! :P
wow ~!!! i seriously love tiGer year because a lots of friend are back !!! ^.^
aih ..but too bad ..see my money losinG face ??? Y.Y
MONEY ar ..why you Guys so afraid of me ???
come to me bah Y.Y
see i so sad withou you Guys T.T
Gamble till late then just Go home ~! be continued ...
I have a BABY dy !!!
BABY Adriel !!!
i felt sorry that i friGhtened him... Y.Y
i wanna play with him mana tahu can't tahan my disturbinG Gens....
i friGhtened him Y.Y sorry Adriel ..... i know you will have a niGht mare at niGht Y.Y
have a baby is fake ~!!
but see...
wow ~!! and my GIRLFRIENDS transformed into BEAR!!! Y.Y
awwhhh !!!
actually ..that niGht we are havinG potluck dinner at Aubo's house ~!
and i'm "playinG" with my new Tees ~! :P
see this cake ..if it's baked at 1st day of CNY which also Valentine's Day ..
then it would be so much more meaninGful ~! :P
but never mind ~! .
it was HuiJen, Marie, AiJinn 's birthday !! same as meaninGful and important !!!
so ~!! the Birthday Girls and all of US~!!
wow ~!! still that biG GEOUP~!! nice ~! ^.^
Best thinG of the niGht !!!!
shhhh ~!! don't tell the police ~!!
After this awesome fireworks !!!
we hanGout at the play Ground chasinG our childhood memories ~!!
oh ~!! seriously miss those days when we are so younG until we don't need to care or worried about anythinG !!! Y.Y
i miss my younG days T.T
ok...HOuse visited.
1st . FenG's house
2nd. VuiSenG's house
3rd. Alfred's house
4th. Aubo's house.


p.s.: CNY BAI NIAN almost done already T.T
cause i'm GoinG back at 17th Feb Y,Y yihh..
i miss my hometown !! i don't wanna leave Y.Y

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nian Chu Er ~!

this is the 2nd day of CNY!!!
due to havinG too much fun yesterday !
morninG can't wake up Y.Y
i missed out lion dance aGain !!! Y.Y
so what is about durinG CNY???
meetinG up with "lonG lost" friend !!
which never on MSN!!
even on also say busy de friend !!!
GatherinG and foolinG around with FRIENDS!!!
sinG k ????
and most important !!!!
earninG money by winninG their money Y.Y
too bad i lose Y.Y
they called me Chai Shen Ye !!!
i always drink too much and Get a bit drunk dy then still playinG with my face GettinG red Y.Y
but ~! wow ~!! it's still fun to have old friends around ~!! wahahah !!!
and ~!! wow ~!! my 7 "wives" ~!!
call me "wai shiu bou"(a character in a chinese novel which have 7 wives) ~!!!
wow ~!!!may i introduce ~!!
left to riGht up to down ..
Jeanette.YihShin. Esther.
k..done with wives..
2nd day of CNY~!
1st. Michelle house(Got lion dance i missed it Y.Y)
2nd. HuiXin house(Gamble like nobody there because the owner's whole family like to Gamble)
3rd. Bartholomew house(dinner served, GAMBLE)
4th. BeeHua house (SinGinG and GAMBLE)


waw ~!!! GEttinG lesse and lesser house to visit already ~! Y.Y
because what ???
aih ..we are old already ..
don't have enouGh enerGy like when we are younG ~!
can bai nian till mid niGht then early in the morninG continue aGain and never felt tired ~! :P

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nian Chu Yi!

1st of all ~!!
this year is 2010 tiGer year !! ^.^
the 1st day of CNY is also Valentine's Day ~!!
wish all of the couple happy forever after ~!!!
GONG XI FA CAI and a super damn disGustinG fly kiss to all the readers ~!! ^.^
this is our "Bai Nian Tuan"..
another meaninG is anG pao cheatinG Group ~!
cause we Go to everyone house and cheat for anG pao...
we Get anG pao by sayinG "GonG Xi Fa Cai" or "XinG Nian Kuai Ri" and others nice to listen words ~!!
this year was quite a year because kinda lots of friends is back ~!!
wow ~! really have fun with you Guys ~!!
Bai Nian tuan schedule of 14 Feb 2010~
1st. Janet house
2nd. Melody house (every year Got KFC at her house one)
3rd. HuiJen house
4th. YihShin house
5th. GreG house.
6th. Jeanette house.(we stay there and Gamble like hell and Got KFC there too~!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

niGht before CNY

we Go drink at HOMETOWN...
and countdown for CNY and Valentine's day there...
i remembered usual year..i'll Go temple and see then liGht up huGe stick !!!
and this year i very 'hak zai'
car the early morninG of the 1st day of CNY!!!
i scratched my car...
the skirt is totally not ok !!! Y.Y
anyone know where can i fix it with reasonable price ???


the moral of this story is ...
don't drive after havinG whole lots of alcohol....
i should thanks God at least i doesn't involved in serious accident...
thx GOD!!! HAlleluyah !

Friday, February 12, 2010

2days before CNY

Second day back at Tawau..
DimSum breakfast with mom..
then in the afternoon....
Go kacau at friend's flower shop ~!
Valentine's Day is around the corner ~!!!
so many flower !! and they are so busy ~! :P
Help to deliver flower to hotel ~! ^.^
and this is so lovely ~!!
YihShin's notes to Kenneth ~!!
so happy to see them toGether ~! ^.^
in the eveninG ~!!
wow ~! i wonder how lonG i never been to this place that i used to be at almost everyday since hiGhschool~
niGht ~!! Yumcha aGain with whole Group of friends ~!!!
and after that !! practise "LAMI"...
and this practise makes me lose a lots of money Y.Y
see what i did to my phone because Valentine's Day ~!!
ended up so hard for me to read messaGe Y.Y