Sunday, March 29, 2009

hey "FRIEND" ~!!! F**K OFF~!!!

today i went broGa hill~~!!! aGain ~!!!
click here and here to see more about previous broGa hill post ~^.^
and today ~
it should be a very very happy and wonderful Sunday ~!!!
because i Get a nice picture in a nice view and nice pose~ :P
see~what a poser ~~
However~ somethinG happenned which totally pissed me off~!!!
see ~~ from the picture ~ >.<
the petrol went off ~ no fuel T.T
because somethinG breakdown @.@

but this is not the main reason i felt anGry and disappointed with ~!
there is another reason ~!!!
(yea ~ there is always another reason behind everythinG)
and this let me knows the differences between friend~!!!
perhaps, "friend" ? or just say ~ "HOUSEMATE"~!!!???

ok ~!!!
here we Go~!!!
for the F**inG lonG and "cheonG hei" story ~
since the car runninG out of fuel and cannot move at all ~~
i called my "friend" for help ~
which stay with me and just not more than 2km from the place of incident~
the answer that we Get from a person who i so lonG called FRIEND was a disappointment~ #.#
he say he just woke up and he had somethinG to busy with ~!!!
what can a sinGle Guy busyinG in a Sunday morninG~!!???
he doesn't even need to Go to church or what ~!!
i know ~ FinalYearProject (FYP)~!!!
very very important ~
yea~~i know ~ i knew ~ who doesn't know ~~!! ??? @.@
with dissapointment~!
i make a second phone call for help ~!
i called ChuaVuiSenG~click here to know more about CVS~
he stayed about 10 km from the place of incident~
i asked him to help me to call for JOSEPH~
that's also stayed quite near to help us out~
because i never brinG my phone and didn't memorized his number T.T~
sorry JOSEPH~your number really too hard for me to remember lar :P
CVS wake up because of my phone call~
and when he know about that~
he directly come for help ~!!! ^.^
remember ~!!! he stayed 10km from us~
and he used like 15 min to come for us and help us sort out everythinG :P
yea~ and he also a final year student ~
that's also BUSY with FYP and others ~!!!
days before~he also claimed that he only will be free at 19 April 2009 ~!!!
but he still come ~!!!
this is what called FRIEND~!!!!
real true friend~!!!
ah~!!! ChuaVuiSenG~!!!
you are my hero ~!!! XOXO ~!!! :) love ya :P
proud to have a friend like you ~!!!

see the differences ~!!???just that 15 minutes ???
FRIEND will help you without question~!
and "Friend"??? no way ~!!!

DID i still have to consider "HIM" as my friend ???!!!
you Guys tell me ok ~ >.< !!!
(yea~!! i know "YOU" will read my bloG but i just don't care~!!! why should i care ~!!!you wanna anGry with me or what ~!! Go a head ~!!!i won't care ~!!! but stay away from me~!!!)
yea ~ may be it's damn childish about this post ~!!
so what ~!!!
shit~! i'm just damn pissed now ~!!!


my "friend" just knocked on the door and explaininG~
i'm even more pissed off when he said that he DON'T know we are that near ~!!
WTF ~!! don't know ~ ???!!!
before that he Got ask me to walk home and Get the key ner~!!!
don't know ~!!!???
if he is a real friend~!!
if he do really care~!!!
who cares about the distance~!!!
don't want to help then just say lar~!!!
F**K OFF~!!!!
and leave me alone ~!!
i don't felt like talkinG to you anymore~!!!

until you seriously confessed and apologize~!!
you think yourself ~!!!
Go busy with you FYP~!!!!

1st real fishinG~!!!

yo ~!
lately~ been addicted to fishinG~!!!
i can fish like every moment i have ~ :P
while walkinG~
while sittinG~
while shittinG~
while studyinG~
while sleepinG~
and even while dreaminG~
hehe ~~
and i can always Get a fish ~!!!
awesome yea ~!

yea~it's just easy~!!
usinG i
FishinG application~ >.<>fishinG~!

Since addicted ~!
and i have a fishinG freak coursemate~ KANE~!
haha ~ so we decided to have a fishinG trip~! :P
thanks GOD ~
for the Good weather ~~!
let's start to do some real fishinG~! :P
1st-prepare the bait ~ :P
it should be easy :P
however~ T.T
awwhhh~!! what a mess i made ~!

2nd-apply the bait on the hook~
3rd-aim somewhere else and throw it into the water~
shh~!!! be quite ~
fisher here ~ :P
fishy fishy ~ eat my bait ~ ^.^

4th-be patience and wait~
5th-hey!!! you just Get a FISH~!!!
6th-well done~! you earn a fish for lunch :P
i didn't even manaGe to Get a fish ~!
damn hunGry and cannot tahan T.T
so we decided to Go makan ~ :P
yea~!!i didn't Get any fish~!
i still Get to eat fish ~!!



since not syok didn't Get any
fish at that pond ~!
we Go to our university lake ~!!! @.@
what happened then??? :P
Guess by youself >.<>

Friday, March 27, 2009


didn't my hair really looks like 'bird nest' ~ >.<
it's a trademark to point me out in crowd ~!!!!???
seriously ???!!!! @.@

NO MORE~!!!!
and not anymore ~ !!!
because ~~
i just had my hair cut today~!!!
see ~~!!!
so tidy and neat riGht ~ !!!

~but i don't know how lonG will it last lar~ :P
i still love my 'bird nest'~ :P

after hair cut ~
Go hike BROGA HILL aGain~!!
so excited ~
because before that ~
beinG ffk for a few times ~ T.T
for more about broGa hill~click here

yeah ~!!!
i seriously like the scenes there :P

this time ~ i Go with my class mates ~
all Guys rit ~ damn sad ~!
why don't have lenG lui one T.T

but ~ without lenGlui~ we moved damn fast ~
we reach the top of the hill in about 30 minutes :P

and this is my favourite shot of the day ~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud to be MALAYSIAN~!!!

Today ~!!!
i'm PROUD to be MALAYSIAN~!!!
MALAYSIAN~Got Good quality in their soul~!!

the KTM ~~ delayed like ONE f**kinG hour~!!
MALAYSIAN still wait~!!
(should went Ganas and beat up the train! and whack the worker there ma ~! >.<>

then ~
today ~ i happily Go to MAXIS TOWER to collect my pay-check~!
it should ended up HAPPILY~!
but what the F**K that i Get is just...
spend my f**kinG days~
wastinG my F**kinG hours~
missed my lovely LATIN CLASS~
and yet haven't Get my paycheck ~!! >.<
i didn't F**kinG do anythinG because i'm MALAYSIAN~!!

because they f**kinG don't know how much they should F**kinG pay me~!!
y haven't set yet ???
kns ~~ early early say already RM 200 per day bah ~! F**K~!!
what the heck don't know ~!!! @.@
but haven't Get pay-check yet~
don't dare to do anythinG lar~
yea ~ same reason ~!!! i'm a F**kinG

so ~~!!!! T.T
we are
Kim, Chau, GreG : "where is my stupid pay-check!!!"
we waited for the 'pretty' lady to come distribute our pay-check
and she was late like one f**kinG hour~!!
some more still complain this and that and "diu" us noisy~!!

and this Guy that definetly not me ~!!!
EuGene:"where's my F**kinG pay-check ~~!!!???"
me and him havinG the same job~
so we both still haven't Get our pay-check ~!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

1st part time JOB~

haha~~the past 3 days ~
i have been workinG~

for my 1st part time job~!
so tired and exhausted :P
so~this will be a lonG lonG lonG post ~~ haha ~ :P

well~let's Get started~~ :)
from previous post~
i said that i'll be workinG as a starwars performer~
so ~ now i'm one of the character at star wars ~ :P
this is how i l00ks like when workinG ^.^

1st day~ i'm a JEDI~
and i met ASTRO awani 女主播 havinG some shootinG there :P

2nd day~this is how i looks like >.<
kinda creepy~~
Dark Morph:"hey~i come in peace ~!i just wanna buy I-phone~!"

3rd day~
i become a normal promoter ~ :P
because they cut off to many people home and ended out not enough people working @.@

Firstly,Thank you JAMES Lai(my course mate)~!!!
who introduce this job to me :P
i really have so much fun while working and i met a lots of cool people ~ :P
so ~ these are the cool people :P

James, Mar-Xha, and GreG
Mar-xha is so sweet and havinG a lots of cool piercinG :P
she's my team-leader ^.^
Maisa and Miyumi~
half japanese blood chicks ~
they are so funny and talkative :P

GreG, May, Eugene, Chau, HuiShian
Sean, Harvey, Sharon, Kim
this is the time we all havinG break toGether :P

these cool fella ~~

and this is a part of the workers :P
etc. etc .etc.
haha ~~ to messy to name them all :P
sorry dude :P

this is my 1st job~
and it's really fun workinG toGether ~~ :P
i will miss all of you ~!!!

and also the i-phone that had been given back T.T
bye bye~

Apart from all of that ~~!!
the coolest thinG is ~~!!!

i met KENNYSIA in real person ~~!!
and get to listen to his words from his mouth~~
instead of readinG his words from his bloG only ~~ :P
never expected~!! at the last day duh ~
wow ~~~so damm excitinG wei ~!!!
he is not as skinny as i expected and as tall as i expected ~~ hahaha ~~ :P
opps~~ kennysia's reader~ don't hit me for sayinG that ar >.<

Kennysia and GreG
Kenny sia have a Good smile :P
love his smile duh ~ :P


besides beinG so happy ~ and havinG so much fun ~ T.T
i only knew that my another cousin had passed away T.T
in a period of not more than 1 year T.T
i had 3 relative passed away T.T
life is a brief candle
dear all ~~ may you all rest in peace ~

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Blood T.T

ForGive me ~~ >.<
i was damn tired because ~~
i Go for Blood donation ~~!!!!
haha~~this is not the 1st time i Go for blood donation ~~:P
but it was the 1st 'bloody' post in this bloG :P

oh~ i'm so scare ~!!

i nearly forGet about that today is the last day for blood donation~

haha~ i only remembered after i eat 'pan mian' at broGa~ ^.^
so ~ when i remembered ~
eventually i become the last "lucky" person ~:P

nah ~~ see the video~~ #.#

hehe~it looks damn scary but ~
actually not pain one~~ :P
let's donate blood ~
one pack of blood can save 2? 3 ? 4 ? people ?
anythinG lar ~
i'm not superman???
yet still can be a HERO~!!?? perhaps ?
aiyo~can save people then it's ok already :P

nah ~ :P how do you feel after watchinG ?

Finally~this is what you Get after blood donation ~~

drinks, cert, 2 biscuit and a bread ~ :P
those thinGs didn't ended up in my stomach because ~
BPJen have 'robbed' my drinks ^.^ hahaha~~
and the food i left in NaiCin's car ~
so i only got the cert. which need to 'fills in the blank ':P

Opps ~~ today post haven't finish yet~~ :P
haha ~ i know it's kinda lonG @.@
haha ^.^

Then~~after blood donation~!
lepak lepak a while at S.A (student association)
"muk muk" lenG lui~~:P
and NaiCin called~!!!
"LET's Go SinG-K ~!!!",she said ~!
Finally ~!!
we Get to Go sinG-K together this semester~

also the 1st karaoke time with them this year~
(we used to Go sinG-k like one a week last time :P but this sem dunno why lar ~ i Guess everyone is too busy ^.^)

i love sinG-K~
we sinG from 1900 till 0145 ~:P
we are Sam, Juanda, GreG, Albert, Clara, NaiCin, Cindy~
and i lose my voice now T.T

we Get a RM70 discount because we have a RM50 voucher and 2 RM10 voucher
so happy ~~

felt kinda Guilty also T.T
because ~
the RM 50 voucher is void~ however~
we chanGed it on purpose in the thouGht of 'just Give it a try' :P
haha~ this can be considered as the 1st crime with them :P
ok~ i'll confess to GOD about this~ :P
hope that GOD will forGive me~>.<

see the date ~~
it was supposinGly be 15/02/09-15/03/09~!

so~ the same thinGs almost happenned aGain ~
SAM almost slipped ~!!
hey~!! SAM ~~ why don't you just slipped~
fall down and hit on the rubbish bin ~~???
wahkaka ~ i Guess it will a Great lauGh and indeed a 'Good' memory :P


wow~ havinG so much of fun today ~
only reached home at o2oo somethinG~

so tired ~~ T.T
donatinG blood is so fun~!!
does it ? :P

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my new BABIES~!!!!

hey Guys ~~
today !!!
nothinG much ~!!!
only that ~!!!
i would like to SHOW OFF somethinG ~!!!
see ~!!!

what i have in my hand ~!!!
my new babies ~~!!!
an i-Phone 3G~~!!!
awesome huh ~~ :P
cool huh ~~ :)
envy ler~~!!
don't lar ~~
Go Get one lar ~~!!!
it's only RM2XXX for a 16GB i-Phone what~!!!
wahkakaka ^.^

see ~~ my babies ~~ :P
wahkaka ~ am i looks cool with it ??
i know i konw ~~ don't say YES so loud ~
pai sheh one ner T.T

nah~~don't say i'm not kind hor ~~
let you Guys have a closer view to my Babies ~~~ :P
nice ler ~~ >.<>

haha ~~ wahsheh ~~ need to be like that mer ~~
Got new i-Phone only mar ~
want the whole world to know mer ~!!!
haha ~~

NO lar ~~ that's not my i-Phone ~~
i wish i will Get one too ~~
but poor lar ~ no $money$ ~~
i dun even have RM200 ner ~ T.T
what a pity poor Guy~~

StartinG from this Friday~
i-Phone will be launch by MAXIS in Malaysia~
i'll be workinG as a i-Phone Promoter this weekend~
to earn money~~ >..<
cause i'm too poor lar T.T
and today ~~
i have the oportunity to Go for i-Phone trainninG~
and Get to "touch touch" an i-Phone~~ T.T
touch only ner T.T
(so pity ~ it's like mine but not mine T.T)

the traininG is at KLCC~~
haha ~~this is my 1st job at Malaysia :P
excited :P
sure camwhore lar ~ with the pass ^.^

This is a trainninG ~~
so sure Got test one lar ~~
SEE !!! how much i GEt in my test ??
see the comment Given also ar ~ :P

uinah ~~19/20
if i could Get this results in my University Exam ~~
it would be nice ~ T.T

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i LOVE tuesday ^.^

So~ it was Tuesday ~ :P
at that moment~~
When everyone is in the class room~
when our new lecturer~~
Dr. Mustapha Boulbibane~
was GivinG us lecture~~
and ~~ also ~~
when my class mate ~~
Tan Lee Geok~~~
was ~~perhaps ~~
sleepinG ~~ZZzzzZZzzz~ :P
i lose my concentration~~ T.T
(we havinG a 2 hour class~i have been concentratinG for 1hours 30minutes >.<)
i started thinkinG what to do later :P

"GreG~let's play squash~!!!" said my heart~
so i "na na shanG" immediately take out my phone ~~
textinG all possible friend that could accompany me~~

it ended up with ~
me~playinG squash with my dear~~
the squash wall in sport complex~~ T.T
then too borinG after 30 minutes~
i wanna Go home~
but then~accidently meet with other friend~
that GoinG to play tennis ~~
so aGain ~
i "nana shanG" immediately take my tennis racket from JOSEPH room ~~
still remember JOSEPH ??? if forGet here haha :P
wow ~~ tennis is so tirinG and so hard to play ~~
since sweatinG already ~~
so i decided to PUMP it UP~~!!
Go for BASKETBALL~~!!!
wahkaka :P
yeah ~ today is considered as my SPORT day ~ :P

huh ~~ is the time to chanGe my squash and tennis handle already :P
and also my shoe and basketball ^.^

And then hor ~~~ ^.^
i seriously LOVE tuesday ~~
because ~~~ Got lenG luisss playinG basketball ~~
wahkakaka ~~ :P
so~~ now ~~ i Got motivation already ~~!!!

i'll be sure playinG basketball
every TUESDAY~!!!

see~~ can spot the lenG lui o not :P
wahkaka :P
i know it's very small ~~
so i circled it for you Guys :P

ah ~another and then hor ~ when i check mail ~~
AnGlia shandy say will run ad at my bloG~~!!
yeah ~!! :P
but i still haven't see the ad Geh ?? @.@

see ~~ that's the email i recieved :P
Go click click lar ~
so i can Get money to renew my everythinG :P
wahkaka :P

Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy~ #..#

Today~~ when i was doinG my 500 words report that should be handed up today~~
i accidentally remembered that i actually have a laboratory to attend~~
so~i run like hell to catch up the time ~
so tired ~ T..T
because i put on weiGht aGain >.<

another reason that makes me tired is because ~~
yesterday ~~
i enjoyed too much ~ :P

so in the morninG..i wake up early in the morninG ~
JOSEPH msn me asn ask me Go breakfast !!!
then here we Go ~
our breakfast ~~!! see the pic below ~ that's mine ~~
so yummy ~~ :P

4 sets of bread, milo ice, curry laksa
wahsheh ~~ we never know that the bread is this thick ~
JOSEPH told me that everyone is lookinG at us when they serves us the bread~
damn pai sheh :P

kept talkinG about JOSEPH~~
do you know how he looks like ???
hrmm ~~ describe a bit 1st ~~
he is a FAT and CHUBBY Guy that likes to eat~~
more detail~>??
refer to the picture below ~

so this is JOSEPH LEO~~
my best "Makan Khaki"~~
fits with the description riGht??
say YES~!!

MUST say YES ar~!!!

Wow ~~ we had a nice and full-fillinG breakfast~~
so puas~~满足~~satisfied~~

to find more satisfactory ~~
2 hours later ~~
we asked our another 2 "makan khaki"~
headinG to eat "Bak Kut Teh"~

wow ~~ Joseph, Cindy, Milton
my "makan khaki"!!!

my description is so true~!!
JOSEPH LEO~ my Best "makan khaki" really can eat ~!!!
and likes to eat ~ :P
see ~~!!!
Joseph~~ eatinG his brother ~ PORK~!
and he's enjoyinG it :P

Then we Go TESCO~~!!!
especially the stupid FAT CATS ~
that steal my tasty chicken and break my plates T.T

and also ~!!! steal one of my shoes ~ T.T
now i have to buy another new shoe~ >.<

i bouGht this shoe ~~ !!!
because i wear it durinG a-levels:P
haha ~~ kinda nostalgia these day ~ :P
and it only cost RM 26 ~ :P waw ~!

At niGht~
it's the EAT and WATCH time ~~
we "tapao" KFC and watch a stupid pirated DVD :P
shit ~~ really shouldn't but pirated DVD ~ T.T
the quality damn sucks ~
we Get cheated because we thouGht the movie should be excitinG as showed in the cover ~
shit ~ :P
so don't ever buy pirated DVD ~~
let's download ~ :P
wow~ i love KFC ~~!!
and watch movie ~~!!
let's do it aGain next time ~~ :P

ALL my "makan khaki" will be GraduatinG 2 months later ~~~
i'm so sad ~~
is the real sad ~~
not that "SinGle.Available.Desperate." SAD~!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ReverseD T.T风水轮流转

It was a 回忆过去story about Me and my Dear, ChuaVuiSenG~
focus on the pic yea~ :P

TonGLip, GreG, ChuaVuiSenG Alfred, Alex, Micheal~

iGnore others ~ TonGLip, Alfred, Alex, Micheal ~
cause they are not important in this post ~~ wahkaka ~~
sorry dude :P
talk about you Guys next time yea xD
hehe~~ ok~
just focus on GreG and ChuaVuiSenG~~

ChuaVuiSeng, AuBoChok, GreG

another picture for clearer view~~ ^.^
iGnore AuBoChok ar ~~ :P
focus on ChuaVuiSenG and GreG aGain~

Here Goes the story~
this is ChuaVuiSenG~~
my chubby friend that i know since 12 years old..~
we banG into each others at SRJK(C) Yuk Chin~
i Grab his hand and almost break his arm ~
that's how we met ~ :p
not important ~~
how come this Guy in the picture below....


Become like this ~~~ 0.O
wahsheh ~~see the picture ~ :P

18sx ChuaVuiSenG (dec 2008)

And GreG~~become like this ~~ ??? =.='''

GreG(oct 2007) >.<