Monday, September 28, 2009

Nothing's gonna change my love for you ~!

方大同-NothinG's Gonna chanGe my love for you

So nice ~! So Romantic ~!!
haha ~! love this so much ~!!!
the sonG and the MV ~! waw ~!

class starts at 11 tomorrow T.T
finally it started T.T

oh dear !! my lover~! hope that we both can be like what happened in the MV ^.^

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Places we Go!!!

erk hmmm~!!! HELLO~!!!
i'm back ! i meant ~!
i Get my CAMERA back ~! it was fixed !!!!
yeahhhh!!! so happy ^.^
if wanted to know what had happen to my camera last time ...clickhere
in the morninG !
with some hardwork...finally we woke up !
and at 1015 ! we at last depart from the house and headinG to Sunway ~!!
Met up with SenG's brother, Admond...
Lepak a while...
see no lenG luisss...T.T
We left ~! ^.^
Alex. SenG. GreG movinG to Pandan Indah ~!
We Go YumCha ~!!!
at the Restaurant shown at the pic below ~! ^.^
We ate Roti Bakar.
it was so nice~!!!
because it was toasted by charcoal~!
and we drank KluanG coffee~!!!
so Gao ~!! very nice~!!!!
a Cup of coffee, 2 pieces of toast~!
so tasty ~!!!
SenG~! spechless~!!
Alex~! saying "ho jiak" ~!

After thaT ~!
We Go to The Curve ~!
parkinG at Ikano~!!
and at the end of the day ~
we can't found our car at M3...
because we been to the wronG floor ~!!! ^.^
stupid us~!!!hahaha....
Outside The Curve ~!
saw some road show ~!
they are playing some Games ~!!!
whoever who have the PinGponG ball on the spoon in their mouth at the end of the days can drive away a Subaru ~! ^.^
wow ~!!!!
i passed by them and Go to buy Movie tickets and come out aGain ~! they still there ~!!
wow ~!!
so concentrate !!!! wah ~! for a car woh !!! who don't want ~!!!!!??
Had dinner here~!
so happy because we doesn't have to pay ~!!!!
we met up with Vivian, Slyvia and her sister and their mom ~!!
and for sure Datin pay for us ~!! wahahah ~!
i seriously love to Go out makan with Alex ~!!
because ~! always ~! i'm the one who finish the food at the table ~!!
but when ALex was there ~!!
Huraay ~!!! he become the one ~!!
i can lose weiGht if havinG every meal with him ~!! ^.^
so nice ~!
7 person RM70 only for a movie ticket at Saturday niGht ~!!
so cheap ~!! ^.^
And Guess what we watched ~!!
This movie was AWESOME!!!!!
every scenes was attractinG ~!!
i want to watch the 3D version one next time !!!!!
wow ~!!
Go wat Go watch !!!!!
it was so NICE~!!!


School is GoinG to starts soon T.T
aih ~! Must work harder this semester ~!! wow ~!
GreG you must score above 60% this year !!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Alex come NottinGham ~!

Firstly ~! i've move to another house ~!!!
hurray ~!!!!
let you Guys have a sneak preview of my new room 1st ~!!!! ^.^
i know ~! :P
it's messy ~! still under construction beh ~!!! haha ~!
ok ~! let's Get into the topic ~!
As ALex reached KajanG KTM....
ALbert and GreG fetch him and brinG him to.....
the FAMOUS KAJANG SATE~!!!!!! wow ~!!!
located at KAJANG~!
wow~! there are many kinds of satay there ~!!!
Chicken , Beef , Mutton, and some orGan, wow ~! and also RABBIT sate ~!!!
we ordered 7 of each and 2 rabbit (because albert don't wanna eat RABBIT)~!
and at the end... we can't recoGnie which are chicken and which are RABBIT~!!!!???
hopefully Albert doesn't have it ~! ^.^
but overall ~! only the Sate Sauce is nice ~!! :P
exercise to Get rid of the calories~!!!!
lonG time never play already ~! :P
After that~! dinner aGain !
no wonder GreG Gained his weiGht so fast ~! ^.^
wow ~! my dinner ~!
"nga bou lou shu fan"~!
and after shower and eveythinG ~!
we start to relax~!!!
wow ~!
let's watch DVD!!!!
and wth =.="
in so much DVDs i have..he chosen an "extreme action movie" ~!!!!=.="
opps ~! and i captured a picture of him and the "action movie"as a prove ~!!! ^.^
after a while ~! we changed to X-Men 2 and as the slept after that !!
next morninG ~!
SHIT ~! i don't care anythinG about the "weiGht" anymore !!!!
we Go Semenyih town for breakfast !!!!!
wow ~! this wantan mee is tasty ~!!!
and damn alots of people there ~!!!
Noon my daddy mummy sister auntycome visit me~!!
and then they left to Kota Bharu ~!!!! T.T
aih ~! they don't miss me one mer???
just come and see me for 15 minutes then left already wah T.T
In the eveninG ~! we hadour so called "lunch" at SunGai Chua~!!
yummy ~! it was tasty ~!!!
Look at the picture and Guess what am i GoinG to do ????
i MMS someone and someone so clever ~!!!
directly know what i'm GoinG to do ~!!
wow ~!!!!LOVE YA~!!!!.
ok ~! yeah ~! Go for a hair cut with senG ~!!!
and then ~!!!
my hair soshort already ~!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A complicated trip ~!

So ~!
18 September 2009~
is the last time i saw JANET this year....

Met her at MidValley and have our teatime at SWEETCHAT...
opps~! she's with the boy friend, Ah Hong ~!
and i became the BIG liGht bulb ~! T.T
These are what i had....the bubuchacha was nice ~! ^.^and what i ate ~! so not nice T.T reGret!
oh ~! and we met Melissa at MV accidentally that day ~!! wow ~!!!!
Then they send me to Bangsar for monorail ~!
and from there i reached GOMBAK and met an old friend ALEX~!!!!
We GoinG to GentinG ~!! ^.^
hurray ~!!!!!
this is our room and yeah ~!! it's FREE~!!!
so nice ~!!!
This is the not the 1st time i Go GentinG !!!
but yet ! it's the 1st time i can Get into the casino successfully~!!!
but still ~! T.T
the Guard checked my ID ~!
wow ~! that's means i still looks younG ~! hurray ~!!!
is that somethinG i need to be happy about ~!? ??? =.="
and it's also the 1st time celebrated Birthday there ~!!!
that was CheeHowe Birthday~!!!
and that's also the 1st time i met him ~! ^.^
Happy birthday dude~!!!
this is also another 1st time ~!!!!
We went to Police station at GentinG for the very 1st time in our life time ~!!!
OMG~!! not because of we did some crime ???
just that one of the friend lost his ID ~!! OMG~!!! speechless....=.="
and the police station is damn laoya ~!! wahhahah ~!
after that ! we went for casino ~!!
with RM 100 ~!
i can only play for 7 bets only T.T
Luckily the ATM breakdown or else ~! i think i will lose all my money~!!!
thanks GOD ~!!!.
Slept at 7am and wakes up at 10am ~!!!
and we decided to take skyway~!!!
we do everythinG that was not allowed in the cable car ~! :P
that's Malaysian ~! :P
and waitinG for the bus to Gombak ~!
opps ~! been smokinG too much in this trip ~!
dude ~! try to quite or you die faster ~!!!
after havinG some rest and prepared ~!!
we Go KlanG ~!!!
and wow ~!!
what is famous in KlanG ???
yeah !!! we tasted it ~!! BA KUT TEA ~!!!
yummy ~!!!!
after that ~! We Go for a talk ~!
wow ~! that was a nice one ~!!!And for supper ~!!
yea ~!! Little Tree Cafe ~!!!!
end of one day~!
20 Sept ~!! slept for whole day and the went to Steven's Corner for what ???
for ManU vs ManC ~!!!!
wow ~! it was a nice match ~!! MICHEAL OWEN ~!! you ROCKS ~!!!!
and we had a niGht swim after that ~!!!!
since it was cold ~!!
LET's have some BEER ~~!!!
wow ~!!!!
it was a nice trip ~!!
for the trip and lettinG me to stay at your house ~!! ^.^
see you on wednesday at my place ~!!!!


wow ~!
all my friends ~!! i missed you Guys so much ~!!!
hope that we can have more GatherinG soon or lateR ~!!
and wth with the weather ~!!!
everytime it rains when i'm takinG public transport ~!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good bye my Lover ~

14 Sept 2009.
alone i have my fliGht back to Kl...
so sad leavinG TAWAU !
As soon as i Get off the plane ~
Albert was there waitinG ~!
so happy ~!
and that i only knew that Milton is leavinG tomorrow morning ~!!!!
this son of bitch ~!!
so confusinG ~! always fly here fly there until we don't know where is he ~!
and he's leavinG ~! tomorrow?? i meant 15 Sept !!!
So we leave KLIA and headed to MidValley !!!
and it was 2245...
Coffee Bean was closinG soon...
so we swifted to the restaurant at Cititel!!!
chit -chat and takinG photo ~!!!
Albert and GreG ordered somethinG to eat !!!
as the food came ~!!
it was damn Big potion !!!! ^.^
this is GreG's fish and chips !
and Albert's Beef BurGer !!!!
FuckinG HUGE!!!
we used our life to finish it ~! :P
ah ~! the final moment ~!!
this is the last time i see Milton ~!!!
RIP Milton ~!!!
Good bye HuG with Azwin~!! T.T
and Good bye present from Diana and Milton ~!!
opps ~!
his fliGht is at the next morninG i wasn't manaGe to wake up ~!
so i missed out another kiss kiss huG huG cryinG moment ~!! ^.^
haha ~!!!
hey dude ~!!!
take care there~!!!!
Awhhh ~!!
without him and Albert still sleepinG ~!
ALONE aGAIN ~!! oh Gosh ~! wth ~! i'm so pity ~!!
i went to Times Square ~!!!
settled somethinG and have a cup of coffee ~! T.T
hey ~! ok ~!
i'm not that pity at least ~! while havinG someone to SMS with ~! :P
haha ~! thx for accompany me all the time ~! XOXO
and at last ~!!! Go to Midvalley aGain ~!!
Get some stuff from body shop ~!!!
SHIT~!! as i walkinG to MidValley ~!!
stopped by someone ~!!
i shouldn't stop!!!!
at the end i was beinG forced to "buy" a handicraft!!!
wtf!!! so uGly summore~!!!!
if it was for charity then NVM lar !!! but NOT~!!! FCUK!
anyone needs to apply for internet connection ???
Maxis wired broadband ???
since the new house i movinG in doesn't have coveraGe and i have another 9 months contract!!!
so yea~!
if you Guys cominG to NottinGham and needs internet connection ~!
talk to me ~! plz ~!
thx thx ~!!!


ahhh ~!!
i need a new life here ~!!
BORING ah ~!!!!!
wish that someone was around me now ~! ^.^
God bless everyone ~!!!