Sunday, June 19, 2011


When you hit twenty four, this means that you have had already lives two cycles of Chinese zodiac.
Another year more, you will be already lives quarters of a century, or perhaps your lifetime.
What have you done???but this year I am not going to talk about that because I have done nothing.
Everybody is special in this world !
Don't envy everybody. Everybody has something no one else has. God is fair enough.
However, since everyone are so special, there would be nothing to be special about.
So it does the same to BIRTHDAY.
I'm not going to talk about birthday is another mother's/father's day.
I'm also not going to talk about my birthday and how am I celebrating it.
17 June 1987 is my date of birth.
17 June is my birthday every year.
Everyone has their birthday, so it seems not so special to me.
What makes Birthday so special to me is because it's actually a time to review yourself.
A time to see what have you done to others.
Who on earth are touched by you
 How important you are in someone else life.
Why say so?
Because if you have touched someone life, he/she would really actually wanted to do something for you.
and birthday is a day specially "designed" for you.
We celebrate Christmas because the Christ have actually came to this world by that day and touched so many lives since then.
It's a sign of remembrance. 
You can also measure how real, how true, how serious you treated someone or someone treats you.
Did parents ever forgot their precious child birthday?
Did life partner forgets their others half birthday?
They won't forget because they are important to them.
With the creations of social networking sites, it brings the world together, but it diverted the hearts further.
Really curious about who do really remembered my birthday without the helps of social networking sites.

Anyways, thanks Cindy, CheeYong, NaiCin who treat me birthday meals. yummy.
and also Janet, TongLip, Ngia, BeeHua, Kenneth who took the effort just to help me celebrating it.
also, to all those who greeted me as well!
thanks to you guys.


By the way, the aunty behind in yellow, I am not crying holding the cabbage looks alike birthday cake.