Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grown Ups

Watched this movie..
lauGhed from the starts till the ends.
felt so happy the whole day then ~! :)
it's so nice that best friends can hanG out toGether and share an old time memories.
ah..i missed my old friends even that there have been a lonG time we never been contacting each other .
i envy of those stupid thinGs that they did in the movie and that sometimes we did those too.
when we are younG.
we walk to school toGether.
we played basketball together .
we walked to a very far place just to chill and have our supper.
we talked to sleep once in a while.
we shares our thoughts.
we fiGht for our riGhts and honours toGether.
that's was once upon of time.
since we have our own drivinG licences.
since we have our own Girlfriends.
since we have our own new friends.
since we have our own new schools .
everythinG changed.
we just have our own ordinary life.
we don't need any others anymore.
oh , my dear friends since younG.
i missed you Guys very much .
missed all those time that we are toGether ! Y.Y


it's just so funny.
now a days , we have all those social network.
people connectinG each others just with few clicks.
we had each others in our friend lists.
but we just never Greet each others then.
what's wronG with the world ????

Sunday, August 22, 2010


JUst watched this movie yesterday..
and what is it about ???

paaakkk paaaakkk paakkkk heh hei hek haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
taaa taaaaaaaaataaaaaaaaa taaaaaa taaaaaa..
all the good people survived and the bad people die....
end of story...
was sittinG nearby the sound system.
Kenneth say that he's Gonna be deaf.
because of the sound effect. .
:) but the action is nice larr :P
Gone for some drinks then.
only one pint of hoeGaarden takes me down @.@ 
uhhh...lemah nya ... T.T

my whole body dfelt so itchy dunno why @.@

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


24th July 2010. a date I'll never forGet!
It's my Graduation day!!!!
I'm finally Graduated as a Civil Engineer!!!
spotted me ?

my very huGe extra larGe sized course mate,Amaan!

with some of the course mate and lecturer.

lunch box from my precious friends as my Graduation Gift!!

after everythinG, talkinG, photo takinG, eatinG.
my parents and I Get into the car.
We plan to Go for a movie.
then a phone call from my uncle.
sayinG that my Grandma is in ICU.
we all GettinG nervous and worried.
few minutes later.
another phone call from my uncle.
it's a bad news.
Grandma passed away.


Grandma, GreG and Esther.
I missed you, popo.