Saturday, January 31, 2009

5th day of CNY~~年初五~~

Aiyo...年初五 already....
friends will be leaving again soon ~~~ T.T
AiJinn, JasonChin, FenG, HunGGor, TseWei less lar...T.T

At AiJinn house...
we play a card Game called 99point...
i lose kena punished !!!
Stupid 五连拍 with a "food tudunG"!!??? wth?~!
shit la !! thay all "pakat" one :P

luks like assasine o not?? wahaha !!

then we Go JasonChin house..our ex-tuition teacher..
we felt like we are so old oledi T.T
cause we are the oldest one at there.... T.T

Group of us last year...2008

Group of us this year....2009

see what i meant ????
so less people this year lar ~~

Then at FenG house....
not punishment..
just for fun only when i found an eye-liner at PTY bag...
then i ask what izzit ??
YunG offered her service T.T
not "that kinda service"..don't think too much...
just some make-up service...

did my eye luks bigger ???
i didn't act cute ar!!!
just that is the angle problem :P

then..still got some "leftover" even after i showered T.T

At Night !!!
someone Got NEW HOUSE!!!!
we hanG out until 2am !!!
we sinG K there !!
so many mirror in her house !!! :P

since so many mirror sure camwhore lar !!! wahaha !!!

the ugliest angle to take someone else picture !
I forGet who took this picture lar ~~~
and that's definetly NOT GREGORY!!!

What time izzit now ??
it's time to bully MELODY!!~~
haha..i spin like so fast and so many round...
but she still can walk still ar ...
hrmm...MELODY really very GenG!!!~~ :P
the backGround sinGinG sound is MichelleLim :P

Friday, January 30, 2009

4th day of CNY~~年初四~~

Since yesterday i have been sleepinG for so FULL~~~
today....proudly announce....
GreG is ENERGETIC !!!!
i am FULL of enerGY !!! yeah ~~~

anyhow ~~
today ~~ we have alots of "findinGs" ~~ :P
Firstly is about KFC...
Secondly is about the mandarine oranGe
prove it to you Guys in with picture evidence :D

it should be Kentucky Fried Chicken mah !!
since when become Kitchen Fresh Chicken already one ar ???
or it is Kitchen Fresh Chicken all the way from the beGinninG just that we don't know ???
anyone have any idea ???

Mandarin oranGe
it grows on this kinda of small small tree :P

our Group of people....
so less people already ...last time we have at least 20 people one ler !! ~~
so miss the old day !! :P

we go to kinda a lots of houses "bai nian"
PTY, GreG, Jiun&Keet, YunG, YihShin...
still...i'm very "hok" or unlucky..
kept on losinG even i'm wearinG both read shirts and red under or "honG tai fu" T.T

nice nice firework ... :)

at niGht...
we Go MILK house....
havinG BBQ, "exchanGinG" joke, watch MIB, and playinG fire works :P
wow ~~~havinG a lots of lauGhter today~~~ >.<


this fireworks is pretty beautiful...
and pretty expensive....
burns about 50 second then cost like RM120
wow @.@

wahsheh !!!
felt kinda weird la ...
because these few days...
i Got home so early....
early as in earlier than my younGer sister and brother :P
usually is them waitinG at home for me one mah !!!
not like this one meh ~~~ #.#

a little tales durinG CNY...

what can you learn from both the picture ???

the moral value of this story is :
"don't cover people face when takinG photo , or else will fiGht one ar :P"
btw..the two little Girl are so cute..
yea..the 2 shortest one..not that 2 aunty behind :D

Thursday, January 29, 2009

3rd Day of CNY~~年初三~~

GoinG througH so MANY days of EXTREME "bai nian" 拜年....

sooooooooooooooooo TIRED lar~~~

sleepinG ALFRED :P

so... go to sleep now :P
restore and recharGe enerGy for BETTER tomorrow... @.@


damn "hok" lar~~~
since nian chu er afternoon....
kept on losing lar~~~~
till now still 负资产 la ~~~

the route is...
Melisa house->Jennifer house->ice world "yumcha"->TongLip house->Elaine house -> FuZai house -> AhSoo "yum cha" -> oi oi ...pPPZZzzzZZzz

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd Day of CNY~~年初二~~

2nd Day of CNY !!!
haha !! same thinG GoinG on aGain...
but different venue :D

the crowd still almost the same :P

first GROUP picture at ChuaVS house :P
crowded ler ~~

TAWAUians really punctual :P
we all are GoinG on with a formula (n+1)

asked to go at 1030...

1130 then all the people just started cominG...

so we are so punctual xD

WOW !!! today havinG more BEER aGain !!!

2nd Group picture with more people at Alfred house :P
more crowded ler ~~
At niGht..
we go "bai nian" at TanBeeHua's house..

GreG, Alfred and ChuaVS all of us decided to wear the same clothes !!!

wahahhaha !!!

Alfred bouGht it for us !!!

ThankYou Alfred !!!

LOVE it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much xD

three of use with our "GIFTED" t-shirt !!!
act serious!!!
so serious !!!uinah ~~~
1,2,3... then~~

act CUTE~~
cute ler!! kawaii !!muacks !! :P

anyway !!! THANK YOU ALFRED!!!
for the T-SHIRT !!!
wahaha !! really like it so much !!! xP
especially when 3 of use havinG the same one !!! :P

YihShin and GreG with "GIFTED" T-shirt

YihShin..i know you like my T-shirt...
but you are a Girl...
cannot have the GIFT of all Guys....
and cannot be "GIFTED" just like us...
so sorry that i cannot Give you the T-shirt T.T
wahkaka !! only Guy like us can own this T-shirt !!
cause it's TELLING the truth XP


today don't know y lar !!!
my maths comes out with problems....
my "purple paper" and "red paper" all gone already T.T
hope can be Good luck tomorrow :P

Another little tales during CNY!!!

analyse from left to right...


The MORAL value of this story is :
"Drinking too much,wearing white at night and cross the road make Micheal kena 'BANG' by KEMBARA!!!"


sinGinG K and "yun sheng" at TanBeeHua house!!
hurray !!!
sorry for the noise and horrible screaming ar~~~

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Day of Chinese New Year~~ 年初一 ~~

1st day of CNY!!!
as usual..
all of use for sure Go to MELODY's house to see LION DANCE, eat KFC, Get ANG PAU and do some MATHS.... :D
this is MELODY and her family
MELODY, MasterChunG, AuntieChunG, SimonChunG, SieHan, JinGJinG
and a red LION..GRrrrrRRRrr


but i called it "tak dunG chenG" since younG due to the startinG sound of the drum :P
sorry ar..the video quite blur lor !!
because my stupid friend kept on kacau+inG and dun wanna me to Get a PERFECT record T.T's some MOST important thinG durinG CNY...

"tak donG chenG"..."舞狮"
which chase away those bad luck and brinG in Good luck

mandarin oranGe" 桔子"
which also brinG luck...大吉大利

playinG cards!!!
which help you to improve you maths and calculation

anGpau "红包"
a red packet which contain pocket money :D

there's a story about anG pau...
tell you next time :P

OF COURSE !!! last but SUPER DUPER important !!!

we are MATHS KHAKI !!!

here's some nice pic taken today :D

high school mates
Alfred, ChuaVS, TonGLip, Micheal, GreG, Gun, PTY, YihShin, Pink, Melo, YunG
and some other are just too busy and squeezinG their brain doinG some maths and calculation :P

uisheh!! Got see GreG o not ???
Reflection~~ :P

For sure !!!

Other than that...
these are the activities at NIGHT !!!


yo!! WE loves MATHS !!!!


Here's a little tales durinG CNY...

Micheal Trying to do some SLAM DUNK and he is DRUNK!!!
look into the picture carefully...
see what you can get... :D

the moral value in this story is:
"you can easily do SLAM DUNK when you are DRUNK...but...the price you have to pay is a broken arm and ankle"
so..think twice before you do some SLAM DUNK...especially during CNY !!


This is YUNG and her little MAGIC trick :)
so cute !! wahaha !!
and awesome !!*applause*

Monday, January 26, 2009

~HAppY ChinesE Moo Moo YEAR~~

it was Chinese New Year EVE !!!
First of all !!!
YunG + 2 Giant COW~~MooomOOoo~~

Before we go to 普照寺...
here's my "lauk" for reunion dinner :P
my daddy cook one !!!
it's the most delicious food i had every once a year !! ~~
even thought it wasn't considered as 山珍海味 ...
but i just like the taste like home!!!
i miss it more when i'm at university far away from home...
that's my daddy's 全心全意 cook 的 dishes :D


Thank you DADDY !!!
for wake up so early in the morning to buy the ingredients...
then being busy for the whole afternoon preparing and cooking for us..
i LOVE you !! DADDY !!!for everythinG you done !!
(i never tell him like this from my own mouth...Chinese mah... sure got bit shy shy one lar ~~)

After having dinner and accompany family....
2300...i leave my house and decided to go 普照寺...a temple at my town...
to see something and take some photo :D
here it goes !!!

this is a place which TAWAUians do their prayer and wishes and it was so crowded
almost all TAWAUians buddish people where here
so i met quite a lots of friend
some are not buddish
but just go there to KEPO
that's ME!!! :D

we came by this
and i say i never saw this
this is the new statue built without my notice :D said YunG

that's means i had left my hometown for quite some time :D
i used to jog here last time :D

FOLLOWING will be the most 壮观 scenes which i like to see every year...
like everyone there burn a huge stick....
find a hole...
put it in...
and make it standing straight...

in chinese...these stick are called “香”(siang)
these cost RM300 per stick
you burn it and make wishes
it may bring you good luck and prosperity

see... how 壮观 is it...
everyone is so busy...
taking photo, burning, lifting, KEPO+ing

you can feel the heat, smell you own sweat and gasoline...
there was so crowded...

here's Alfred with his stick
he burn a stick with his family every year...
ChuaVuiSenG also got burn but tonight he didn't go with his family...
he say he was so lazy to shower again :P

we also take our chance to take a group photo :D
our biG Group had become only 5 people this year... T.T
i wonder next many will left :'(

for sure lar~~~
so nice backGround
never forget to camwhore :P

when wanna go back
see this
will make you crazy !!!
SO FREAKING JAM!!!!!!@#@#%$#$%


since when MALAYSIA can have fireworks everywhere??
tonight those firecrackers damn noisy lar !!
i can't even have my meal and watch my tv plus do my chit-chat with my family properly with those disturbing noise!!!
stupid one !!!

this means two creature having human body but each of them have a cow head and a horse face
they come from hell
Chinese believes that they will come to fetch your soul when you are dead
scary ler~~!!!