Thursday, December 31, 2009


WTF ! cannot study !

i wrote this and stick this in front of the wall of my study table...
i really did it ! but not in study ! but playinG T.T
Gone for AVATAR aGain ! cause wanna watch the 3D one ~! but didn't Get the ticket...
so ..aih the oriGinal version aGain Y.Y

Found out McD sundae is extremely LARGE portion at 3am !
so next time Gonna Go for it at the same time ~! ^.^
Juanda is here for holidays !!! ^.^
hurray ! Go for Restraunt YUS 2 that we used to hanG out a lots for MU vs WIG !!!
damn borinG thje match was GoinG so freakinG slow.... Go home !
6 am tidur...
9 am EVONNE woke me up .... T.T
ask me to send her to PUDU cause she was GoinG back ..
Damn sleepy wei !!!back..then slept for whole day !
have a safe journey back lar you !!!
and hope everythinG is fine k !!pray for you !!!
and wish everyone !!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!HAPPY 2010 !!!!!

and WTF!!! all the ATM machine at Maybank were OUT OF SERVICE!!!! >.<
i am freakinG broke now ! WTF!!!
but do Get some fireworks and alcohol ~! :P wow !
prepare to Get drunk toniGht ~! :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Monday, December 28, 2009



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hair Cut!

This is my so called "bird nest"!!
and my fellow friends kept complaininG about it...
say that it was so freakinG lonG and messy....
Got bird stayinG inside one izzit ?
and ask me to cut it !!!
and NOW!!!!
proudly presents
my new hair style !
happy ???~! ^.^
huh ~!!!!
don't ever say it was lonG and messy yea !!! kill you !!!
wahkakakak ~! :P
and don't ever lauGh at me!!!!


now i felt a bit reGret abut it dy T.T
sorry to the bird that stay at my bird nest ~! Y.Y
i make you Guys homeless Y.Y
aih.....pity birdy....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas !
due to too much mess and fun yesterday niGht...
G wake up only at 2pm...
and our Christmas Day is Carwash Day ~! ^.^
so we Gave our wife a nice pretty shower~!!!
so nice to see them Get cleaned ~~! ^.^
so..the OWNER? and their wife?? ~! ^.^
and it rains 30 minutes after we Get everythinG clean ~! Y.Y

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas EVE~!

So another year of Christmas eve without family...
but ..nevermind...!!!
this is considered a nice Christmas ^.^
We bouGht some beef and cooked some STEAK!!!
and i decided to BBQ mine ~~!!
wow ~! both type of cookinG is nice ~! :)
Aaron say~after Grilled the steak...
wrap it with aluminium foil so will preserve the heat...^.^
and it do works !!!!
see ~!! so nice riGht ?~!! yummy!!
we also bouGht Red Wine !!!
but somethinG is killinG the fun ! we forGet to buy the wine opener!! Y.Y
so we quickily rush to TESCO and Get one ~! huh ! luckily they have ! :P
ah..however ..the steak was not that hot already...
we out some red wine in it and BBQ it aGain !
mana tahu ! the results was GREAT!!! it was so yummy ~!! :)
and so ..this is our desserts...~!
Yam flavoured Ice-cream ! with chocolate and ribena aGain ~!
wow ~! i really enjoy when friends Gathered toGether and cook toGether !
so fun ~!!! ^.^
so this is my Christmas eve...
Spaghetti, Creamy mushroom soup, salad, baked bean, steak, sausaGe, red wine, ice-cream, and whole lots of noises !!!
waw ~!
how about yours ????

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Movie Wednesday !

it was Wednesday !
Since for student...we can watch movie with very cheap price and tired of studyinG..
we decided to watch movie !
We have our lunch at McD!!!
wow ! that day was Jusco members day...
Jusco Cheras Selatan was freakinG crowded !
we can't Get any seats....
and forced to take away and makan outside KFC..
after makan....
we shop for a while...
waw ! i saw a nice shirt ! but it only avaiable in XL saiz ~! haiz.....Y.Y
so sad lar wei !!
then finally ...BodyGuards and Assassins !!!
it was freakinG nice movie !! wahahah ~!
unexpected scene ~!! and actors !!! wahahah ~!!!
anyway ! the movie damn nice ! must Go watch ~! wahahah ~!


wow ~!
saw BPJen fb pic !!!
wtf!! the cookinG is so alike with my dad cookinG !!!
Y.Y aih....
i so miss home suddenly !!! aih...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It was 22nd of DEC 2009~!
in Chinese calendar~it was a celebration for winter!
FAmilies members usually havinG reunion~
but since we didn't Go back ~!
we decided to make "tanG yuan" some round thinGy with flour~
so let's the pic do the talkinG ~! ^.^
flour added with water ! a biG ball!!
the tanG yuan we made ~!
Aaron was so serious !
the brown tonG yuan is the accidental creation as we fail to wrap the chocolate inside T.T
cook! with the Brown suGar syrup ~!
ah ~ done !
Notice~! we do wrap somethinG inside ~! ^.^
the isolated one ~! ^.^
and the biGGEST one .. Guess what inside??
haha ~! is a candy with the wrappinG ~!
i put it in the biGGest one and see who's the Greedy unlucky Guy who Got it ~!
wahaha ~! mana tahu the candy didn't Melt T.T
after tanG yuan ~! we have what ??
may be of the brown suGar ~! all of us Get a bit HIGH dy `!
so we pour the chocolate syrups and ribena on the vanila flavour ice-cream ~! ^.^
and this is the end of the product !
and it taste freakinG nice ~!!! wow ~! love it so much!!!
may be too much suGar and we become insane alread y~! T.T
added nescafe as toppinG!
yucks ! this one taste bad T.T
Since too hyper and to Get rid of the suGar! we decided to Go for niGht SWIM!!!
wow ~!!! SwimminG naked aGain ~! no ppl ~! wahahah ~! it was so fun !!
wanna take the "dive into the pool" action picture usinG the timer !
1st trial T.T
2nd trial ! still fail T.T

Monday, December 21, 2009

X-Mas Party and hanG out

So ~! since nothinG to do ~!
Go out shoppinG with Evonne and after that her uncle's house for X-Mas Party ~! ^.^
We hanG out at MV cause MNG Got SALES!!! @.@
i was being "tauGht" of how to be a GOOD boyfriend !
half way testinG on some shirts...
Evonne called and say Got some important task for me ...
notice "IMPORTANT"..
so i rush back to MNG...and she say she Gonna train me to be a GOOD boyfriend @.@
and Put all the clothes she choose in my arms and ask me to queue for the fittinG room ! #.#
but ~! i saw quite a numbers of LenGLuisssss ..
and also some pity GOOD boyfriend ~!
wahkakak ! their facial reaction is almost the same ~! pity !
wahahha ~!!! so funny ! ^.^
wow ~! so nice the decoration there ....every year X-Mas i surely be at Mid valley ~! wahahah ~!
after shoppinG ~! SUSHI KING aGain #.#
OMG!! how many times i have been eatinG sushi this week
Gardens ~! Got Christmas Carol ~! ^.^
pretty nice !
then shop for a while i Get myself a shirt...
then we move to Evonne's uncle's house ~!!!
so crowded !!! wahahha!!! since doesn't know a sinGle of them...
i just become the nanny of the child there ~!
and i met this pretty cute little Girl !
she was hyper active and kept on runninG jumpinG here and there ..
so tired lookinG after child -.-'
and here's come princess ~! she scare the hell out of Alicia ~! ^.^ wahahaha !
i was i can't control myself LOL !!!
and here's my X-mas present from the family ~! ^.^
huh ! OMG! 1 Alicia is anouGh already !
imaGine !! how many kids was there that niGht !!!
haha ! they are DEVIL but thay are also the anGel !!! ^.^
it was a Great day !! ^.^
and come on ! see Alicia dancinG ~!! wahahha

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mines!

Since i wanted Sheesha for so many days already...
and i was so lazy to study ...
screw it ! called ALBERT and ! let's Go The Mines!!!
30 minutes of drivinG ..we reached there...
FINALLY!!! SheeSha that i lonGinG for~!!!
and they have so many favour ~!!
i chose 2 apples...and Albert chose cappucino..
"Riverside"~! my new hanG out place ~! ^.^
hurray ~! love sheesha!!!!
plus a hot lemonade~! ^.^
ah ~! life is Good ! life is so so so Good~!
Albert ~! with his chop~! :)
GreG~! :P
awhhh ~! i just love that place ~!
beside the river. nice breeze. nice liGhtinG.nice view ~!
wow ~! thx Albert for introducinG me a new hanG out place ~!! yeaahhoooo`! ^.^
then we felt like wanted to watch movie ~!
wow ~! the decoration inside are so cute ^.^
huh ~! we made it !!! Get the last showinG of the day !
Guess what we watch ?!! AVATAR!!!
it was so nice !!!
i wish that i were stayinG at Pandora ~!!
love it so much !!
and unexpected !!! wow ~! i met my primary school friend~! :)
so unexpected ~! hehe ~!
and more unexpected ~! Guess what ?
in the cinema he just sittinG in front of me ~! wow ~!