Sunday, July 26, 2009


after "Negarakuku"...
i love this sonG of him ~! 明志...
accidently saw it in his bloG!

enjoy~! :P


wow ~! i Got kaGum dao with his talent ~! :P
seriously 佩服~!
writtinG a sonG so easily just like a piece of cake~!
i hope that i can be so talented also ~! hahaha ~!


It was 24th of JULY 2009...
In a rush after GreG off from his work, FeiErh and HuiXin were in front of GreG's house with a little box shown above. It was a Birthday present from the name shown in the picture above also. We are GoinG to "suprise" JANET because it was her birthday ~! Before that . we rush to a bakery to buy a cake for her too ~! :P

this is your birthday present ~! hope that you will love it ^.^
ah ~! plz use ! ok ! before it dried up ~! hehe ~!

Opps ~! did you smell what JANET is cookinG ???
yea~! she was cookinG when we reached her house and she is cookinG ~! :P
wow ~! Guys ~! JANET can cook !!! no kiddinG ~! hahaahahha ^.^
worth to consider riGht ? :P

After she done with her cookinG ~!
We surprised her with the "cake" we buy ~! and also the present ~!

Happy Janet with her cutie little small and tiny "cake" plus her AnnaSui.

Happier JANET with her BIGGer cake ~!

Opps ~! you Got it riGht aGain ~! even how poor we are or even how worst is the economy, surely we will buy a "resonable" cakes for the birthday present one ~! hahahaha ~!
Chit chat for a while ~! then, we Go home ~!
another celebration aGain ~!
We Go to "HOME TOWN" a so called karaoke lounGe!

aGain, GreG Greet her ~! =.="
and GreG finally found out which parts of TAWAU got Shisa ~! yeahhhh !!!!
and also the 1st time consuminG this brand of alcohol called "SWING"~!
Someone was too happy~!!!!
and she did a stunt ~!
and i Guarantee that she will reGret ~!!!!!
see ~!!!! what i said ~!
after she done with her stunt !!!!
directly dozed of ~! OMG~! T.T
she's dead ~! sleepinG deadly X.X
the place is closinG soon and ended up ...... T.T GreG is the pity Guy @.@
Alone with his old and tired body...
he had to carry this Little Tiny Girl but yet HEAVY girl home #.#
Did you Guys wanna know what's her weiGht ?
Let's count ~!
(GreG current weiGht / 2)+ 5 kG.
that's the formula for her weiGht ~!
By The WAY ~!
don't forGet to Greet ShinYee ~!
her birthday was at 23July !!!



GreG finally Got home at 4am.
and the next day was beinG scold by MOMster because the car smells like shit !
it was filled with smoke and alcohol smell T.T
pity Me ..
however ~!
hope you both birthday Girls enjoys your birthday ~! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As what we planned...
SUNDAY~! wew~! let's Go TAMAN BUKIT TAWAU ~!!!
BABI KILL aGain ~!
actually we late for 2 hours ~! but Malaysian timinG mah ~! didn't late ~! wew ~! :P
Firstly, called almost everyone, because i forGot to call some .
Then, Car came, Go Giant and we bouGht what we need.
After that, directly Go to our destination ! TAMAN BUKIT TAWAU !
FINALLY, we reached TAMAN BUKIt TAWAU ~! let's BABI KILL!!!

Taman Bukit Tawau is actually quite a nice place. It consists of ...... ......thinking ...... hrmm...... .......errrr ...... erm............too many to describe for detail i know there is a Garden, hotspring, some trail, river, waterfall, trees, grass, fish, stone, sand, resorts, fresh air etc etc.
i thouGht this place will never appears in the website...
who knows ~! miracle !
it does appears !!! (click here for detail )
so this is us! and one more as the camera man.
Guess what are we doinG ???? mentioned above..
we directly buy our stuff and go there riGht ?
so we doesn't clean our food !!! yewww ~!
we use the river to clean our food ~! T.T
i still felt yucky ~!!!
but better than doesn't clean lar ~!!! =.="
those ancient ppl also use river ma, riGht ?
This is the 1st time i clean my food usinG the river and it was kinda Good experience. :P
By the way, we are at can be considered the up stream. And we clean the chicken with a lots of people at the downstream playinG happily , shoutinG and screaminG Gracefully.
I wonder if they feel the oily and the dirty thinG that we "accidently" "dropped" into the river.
Opps ~! sorry people ~! ^.^
Mr. Chok, our chef~!
Our well cooked chicken with curry powder ~!
i must tell you Guys ~! it was yummy~!
even thouGht i still feel that it was not clean T.T
ShinYee~! the camera man~! a cute and funny girl ~! haha ~!
LonG time doesn't see her and she joined us for the BABI KILL~! so happy ~!

Lastly ~! with MILTON drivinG over 110km/hr with his HILUX and we sit at the back ~! i felt like i was sittinG on a roller coaster ~! so i let my hands up ~! wow ~! and it was extremly fun ~!
Suddenly, i missed last summer ~! when i'm at CEDAR POINT , the BEST amusement park in the world ~!
ah ~! i missed Maverick ! TopThrill DraGster! MeanStreak ! Millennium Force ! Mantis ! MaGnum ! i missed USA alots a lots and alots and alotsssssssssss ~!!!! T.T

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Recently !!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Since MichelleLim is leavinG to Australia aGain tomorrow ~! ^.^
yeah ~! farewell for her~!!!
Firstly ~! we Go to a cafe called "SNOW TALK" ...
attended : Fabian, Michelle,Bartho, Shoo, Alfred, GreG, HuiXin, Fifi,...
awhhh ~!!
and accidently met IVY and boyfriend, Eunice and boyfriend~!
have some ice and chit-chat....
bye bye ~!! Go home ~!
Good niGht ~!
Michelle ~! Bon VoyaGe~!!!
nah nah ~! you thouGht we so "Guai zhai" mer ?? Go home so early ~! :P
haha ~! we Go for 2nd round for Singapore Mihun ~!! wew ~!
we have been lonGing to Go there since CNY ...
aiks ..but T.T...we are all Gamble GOD!!!
CNY Gamble till midniGht~!!!
haha ~!
and finally ~!
we are there ~! yeah ~!
2nd round...with these dude..
Shoo and Aubo exchanGinG Fabian
Fifi and Bartho
Michelle and HuiXin
and this ALFERD hor ....
someone said and promise and swear to STOP consuminG alcohol...
now~see what is he doinG ???
haha ~!!! EVIDENCE.~!!!!
and it's taken today ~!
and below is the post he said wanna stop consuminG alcohol ~!! wew ~! ^.^
to see his post about that ~
(click here) and most important (clickhere)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nasi Lalat~!

L.A.L.A.T ~!
no "lalat" here lar ~!
simply a combination of Nasi santan, egg, fried chicekn and soup ~!!!
but damn yummy ~!!!
this is the 1st time i ate NASI LALAT~!
for 22 years i stay at TAWAU...
i never know how tasty this dish is~!
ah ~! that niGht GreG and HoweSiong and his cousin Go K-Box sinG and drink and happy happy until 2am..
then we Go to the so called "hiGhway" to have our supper~!
i'm so so so HunGry now ~!!! T.T
Fei ZAI~! tahan a bit lah~! don't eat liao la~!
REMEMBER~!!! keep fit !!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i never turn off my cell phone all the time.
he just layinG at a corner.silently.without makinG any noise.

because doesn't have any call and SMS of the "Girl.friend"
he must be murmuring there.
cell phone, "i missed theose sweet sweet voice!"
"oh???yeah..where the hell is all the Girls in planet earth?.",GreG

我们是被遗忘了吧?!? T.T
are we beinG forGotten?
cell phone become a decoration
i become an asshole

both of us been forGotten


need some female in my cell phone contact~!
plz~! ^.^
hahahaha~ :P

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Favourite Fruit

i know that you LOVE us and wanted us to be healthy and stronG
so you always prepared fruits for us ~^.^
You have been feedinG us with NENAS for the damn whole week >.<
i just ate a dishes cooked by our MAID...
it was PINEAPPLE CHICKEN!!!(黄梨鸡)
after meal...
you GUESS what is the dessert(饭后果)???

if you think you are
SMART enouGh!!!
try to beat the computer!!!!!
click here~!!!or TIC-TAC-TOE
this TIC-TAC-TOE is so scary!!!!you cannot make any mistake to win!
so be careful! don't be careless!!!!
be concentrate and think carefully before you take any move in this TIC-TAC-TOE
if you think you can ~! YOU CAN!!!!
COMPUTER ain smater than HUMAN~!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



you become more and more charminG^.^

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

巴中义卖会2009 ^.^


Monday, July 6, 2009

FishinG NiGht

After SMSC, my previous hiGh school 45th anniversary celebration..
MICHAEL and GREG Get alonG and "yum cha"..
and suddenly~
somethinG popped out from our mind~!
Hey dude~Let's Go FISHING~!!!!
before that~! both of us Go home and have a rest 1st because too tired of the celebration at the day time ~! :P
it shows 2000, both of us prepared and buy the fishinG stuff at a hypermarket~! :P
this is our WEAPON to conquer the fish ~!! wahkakaka !
fishinG strinG, hooks, somethinG heavy, knife~!
simple yet enouGh ~! :P
how about the bait ?
we Get some PRAWN and LEKOR :)
after that ~!
start fishinG ~!
our fishinG spot is YATCH CLUB Tawau ~ !
a place where you can find the cheapest beer ever ~! :P hahaha ~!
Each of us Get ourselves one bottle of TiGer beer ~! ^.^
yeah ~! then started to fish ~!! :)
so happy~!
we havinG a lots of fun fishinG~!
enjoyinG the breeze~! our beer ~! awwhh ~! RELAX~!!!!
at the end of the niGht ~!
we Get nothinG ~!!! T.T
and MICHAEL thrown the whole bundle of strinG into the sea twice!!!!!
we didn't Get any fish ~! >.<>
  • Fish doesn't eat LEKOR !
  • It is harder to fish durinG niGht with full moon
  • Tie your strinG at somewhere else if you doesn't have any fishinG rod~! :P
  • Aih ~! since all the bait finished ~!
    we ended up with drinkinG and sinGinG at YATCH CLUB~!
    ah ~! can't tahan already~!
    later on....
    we Go to TRC karaoke lounGe for another drink and karaoke time to call off our niGht~!!!
    it was a fun niGht~!!!
    but i'm sufferinG from hanG over now workinG >.<


    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    C.O.C.O.N.U.T ^.^

    Halor~! everyone ~! ^.^
    since startinG of JUNE~
    i have been GoinG for my practical traininG~! ^.^
    movinG from site to tired!
    standinG under the HOT!
    sittinG in the office..!!! so BORING!!!!!
    recently...the company Get a road construction project....
    where izzit located ????
    in a kebun buah-buahan~! a Fruit Farm~!
    with the EnGineer who i am under~! ^.^
    we always Go there !!!! yeah !!!!
    Kebun Buah-buahan woh~!!!
    After askinG the Kebun manaGer~!
    we Get the permission to eat all the fruit inside the kebun~!!!!
    but not allowed to brinG out of the Kebun~!!!
    so !when ever we Go there!!!
    refreshinG and so yummy!!!
    summore is Kelapa Pandan ~! waw!
    some coconut tree is too tall~!!!
    we don't have any tools or any monkey ~! haha !
    what we have is some workers. paranG, backhoe....
    like that even easier lar!
    just push down the COCONUT tree~!!
    Tree down ~! COCONUT for us!!!
    Got workers potonG for us also ler!
    this pity COCONUT tree MATI because it's an obstruction on the road ~! T.T salute!
    we don't have a spoon ~!
    so! just make one from the COCONUT shell lar ~! :P
    Juicy and refreshinG!