Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Well Do You Know Me ?

yo ~! recently ~!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i LOVE Malacca ~!!

As planned ~!!
we leave at 0800 (malaysia timinG=0900)
with 3 hours of drivinG ~!!
we reached Melaka ~!!
yeah ~!!!
this is the 1st place we visited randomly :P
ticket is just RM5 :)
haha ~!
and you get to see this ~!!!
TUG of WAR ~!!! human vs crocodile ~!!!

and also havinG photo together with crocodile ^.^

ah ~!! after this random visits~!!
finally ~!! we reached PUSAT BANDAR MELAKA :P
which is Malacca town ~! ^.^
Ah ~!! Melaka ~!!
a HEAVEN of FOOD~!!!
Cendol with a lots of Gula Melaka on it, nyonya dishes, chicken rice balls, and even cakes i had ate ever in a shop named Nadeje~!!!
a place for you to find back your childhood memories ~!!
wow ~!! see what's in our hand...?
paper aeroplane that was almost not producinG anymore, and my mini kite :)
ah ~!!i miss my younG aGe~~!! T.T
and also a place to have a ride on BECA~!!!
wow ~!! this is the 1st time i ride on BECA ~!!
haha ~!! shit ~! i'm so heavy ~! the "driver" cycled very hard :P

ah ~! then finally WoonChen and his friend is here ~!!
let's have a group picture infront of the red buildinGs and fountains :P

WC. WeiQianG. Patty. RenYii . GreG. Quek

wow ~!! see what we found ~!!
EnGChoom association ~!! wow ~!! can learnt chinese kunG-fu ~! >.<
ouch ~! Yip-Man ~!!
we do visited other places ~!!
ahh ~!! sinc etoo many picture already ~!! haha ~!
i lazy to post here lar ~ :P
Go see at my facebook ~! :P haha ~!
Most important places ~!!
kota A-Famosa ~!!
a historical place ~!!
ah ~!! don't say you never heard of it ar ~!!!
and Finally ~!!
niGht ~!!
at least it won't as hoht as my mother fucker~!!
and roastinG my balls ~!!
niGht view of Malacca was aweful ~!!!
damn nice wei ~!!
after walkinG around Jonker Walk~!
yeah ~!!!here comes my most favourite parts ~!!
yum senG~!!!!!!
the bar named "RINGO CLASSIC & ANTIQUES" is awesome ~!!
felt so relaxed and enjoyed there ~!!!next time i sure Go there aGain ~!!
and the owner of the bars is very Good with his Guitar ~!!
and he sanG very well ~!!
here's a video clips of his ~!!
sinGinG "Hotel California"~!!!
opps ~!! sorry because it's kinda noisy out there :P

so ~!! at the end of the trips ~!!
all of us totally exhausted and havinG another 3 hours drive back to KlanG ~!! T.T
however ~!!
it's was an enjoyable and nice trips ~!!!

and it's old town feelinG ~!!!
damn nice wei ~!!!


wow ~!!
anyone ~!! GoinG Melaka aGain ??
ask me alonG ~!! i wanna GO ~!!!
ah ~!! T.T
EXAM cominG soon ~!!! >.<

Friday, April 24, 2009

So you Think you can SinG?

well ~!!
it's 7am in the morninG when i typinG the title ~ :P
i have been chattinG throuGh skype~!!!
which we know each other for like about 20 years already ~!!
opps :P (this mean that she's very old d...shhhh)
also my 青梅竹马~~!
which haven't betrayed me yet~!!
well ~!!! because my another 青梅竹马, ChunGChunGYunG~!
is now in a relationship ~!!aiyoyo ~!! so late that we just know about that T.T
so ~! this bitch in the pic is JANET ~!!
haha ~!!!she say she wanna post an Advertisement like what i did last time at "Girl Friend Wanted"(click here)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coming Soon~!

this is the most tirinG movie i had ever watch ~!
because i have to put my hand over my face all for the freakinG almost 2 hours ~!!!
Go watch ~!!! then you will know ~!!!
the character is damn disGustinG wei ~!!
it's really scary ~!
luckily i watch with NgWoonZhen~! not Girl ~!
or else ~! even teruk leh ~!! pai sheh ner ~! :P
Ah ~! Patty come all the way from Taiwan until Sunday just to meet his beloved boyfriend, RenYii~!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Return BOOKS ~!!!
Pack up the "camp site"~!!!
Submit the DISSERTATION ~!!!
Get the receipt ~!!!
then ~!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stressed ~!!!

I FELT SO fuckinG STRESS ~!!

at this moment ~!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Olympus Stylus 850 sw

Hihi ~!!
everyone ~!!
this is my camera ~!!
OLYMPUS stylus 850sw~!!!!
cool huh ~!!!!
so i bouGht it ~! durinG last summer ~! :P

ok ~ picture shows everythinG ~ T.T
i'm very sad now ~!
the screen cracks ~ !!! T.T
i have to use my phone camera for the rest of the period until my camera is fixed >.< see ~!!! @#$@#%
mcb ~!
and that moment i'm enjoyinG SUSHI KING with my fellow friends and "makan khaki "~!
should be very happy because SUSHI KING is GivinG discount to members ~!!
1 plate of sushi only for a f**kinG RM2 ~!!
should be very very happy de ~!
but ~!!!
shit ~! cannot take photo ~!
and there will my salary Gained during the iPhone launch will Go T.T
hopefully it is covered in the insurance ~ T.T
i think i will not dare to buy a DSLR since this incident happenned~! >.<>

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Economy Crisis

Economy Crisis ~!!!
F**K YOU ~!!!
see the video ~!!
what the heck ~!
this is what economy crisis do to us ~ >.<
Shit one lar ~!!!


well ~!!!
this is what economy crisis did to our Birthday cake T.T

this is Joseph with his Birthday cake ~!
when we havinG steambot toGether :P

his pretty(pity) little Birthday cake on his palm ~~ >.<

so pity ~!!! T.T
don't be sad Joseph ~ !!!
be happy ~!! it's your Birthday ~!!
we won't do that to our friend even it's in the worst economy crisis~!!
haha ~!!
that's was just a prank~!
we try to fool him and make him believe that we are not GoinG to celebrate with him anymore ~ :P
0030 somethinG ~
we all had already stand by and GoinG to Give him a Surprise ~!!
i have his room key ~! so we just break into his room ~!!
and ~!!
however ~!
we failed to surprise him ~!! T.T

he's to clever ~!! haha ~ show you Guys in the video ~!!
since the video is too lonG ~
haha ~ so ~ (click here)
see it in facebook yea :P
SEE ~!!!
he so happy ~!!!
his smile so BIG~!!
because the cake had become so BIG~!! ^.^



ahhh ~!!!
after about 2 months ~ T,T
we all Gonna separate T.T
wow ~ i'll miss you Guys ~!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


(MinGShan the Gambit ~can kill you by his destructive eye~)
Nitendo Wii~ !
(let's the Pro do the job and others just watch~ ada perlawanan senGit tu~!!)
(yea~Dude loves beer ~!!)
(ChunFai is squeezinG his brain hard about this Game :P)
!another beers and foods ~!!!
(we need beer more than food ~!!yeah ~! don't you ?)
aGain ~!!not one but 2 mahjonG ~!!!
(and all the mahjonG khaki ~!)
and PEOPLES~!!!!!!!lots and lots of people ~!!!
(yo ~!! really lots of people yea ~!!)
YES~!!! you Get it riGht ~!!!!
it's Chinese New Year ~!!!
everyone ~ GonG Xi Fa Cai ~!!!
ugh ~! opps ~no~!!! no ~!! no ~!!
somethinG GoinG wrong here ~!!!
why are these 2 dude blowinG candles on the cakes ???
oh ~!!! i Get it wronG ~!! T.T
seriously wrong ~!!
what a mistake ~~!! @.@ pai sheh ~ :P
it's not Chinese New Year but ~!!!
but ~!
but ~!
ChuanJooi and ChunFai BBQ Birthday Party ~!!!'
hey~it's their Gorgeous Birthday ~!!
who ever that doesn't Greet them ~!!
felt free to Greet them here too ~!!!!haha ~!!!
even you guys miGht be don't know who are they ~! :P

and then ~!! this is the 1st time i had BANANAsssss as BBQ ~!!!
it's taste Great ~!!! thx to KANE ~ :P
haha ~!!
this party was awesome ~!!!
it lasted the whole niGht long ~!!
from 7pm to 7am~! oh my god ~!!
and all the "CIVILians" have at 4 assignment to pass up and having at least 2 is undone T.T
i'm one of it and i finished it riGht after the party ~!!
that's why this post is delayed~!
sorry yea ~ :P



what have i learnt today from the video you see is~!!
not only DUREX is the trusted brand of condom ~!!
PLAYSAFE can also be fully trusted ~!!
from the video you guys see ~!!
it can undergoes heat ~!!
and doesn't broke ~!
and it can also "accomodate" any size of brother~ xP
the flexibility shown in the video ~! :P
haha ~!
so ~ use PLAYSAFE to play safe ~!