Monday, August 31, 2009

They come from HONG KONG !

Sunday ~!
WAW~! what a sunny day ~!
GreG only wakes up at 1pm due to drinkinG too much the previous niGht and dozed off ~!!!
because Ken's have Guests from HONG KONG~!!!!
and yeah ~! we become tour Guide ~!!!
so ~! this is Ken ~! :P
the new KhooKenYip who now thirsty for beer every sinGle moment ~!
They are Alex and Jeffery~
don't you Gus felt that Jeffery luks familiar like someone ?
AlfreDICK ? ^.^
From Left to riGht ~!
Jacky, AnGel, Alice ~!!!
waw ~! AnGel is so pretty ~and her boyfriend is Jacky ~! :P
no chance lur ~! T.T
ok ~ ! done introducinG them ~!
continue with.....
waw ~! Sunday was Great ~!!!!
We decided to Go for fishing ~!!!!
and here we Go ~! TanjunG batu ~!!!!!
Everyone looks so serious ~!
Ken acts like he is a Pro-Fisher ~! but yet ~~! usinG only strinG and hooks ~! T.T
what a "PRO" wahkakaka ~!
as we started fishing ~!!!!
i've been fishinG for so many times ~! but never ! i Get a fish ~!!!!
and this Girl ~!!! WTF!!!!
she Get a kinda biG fish just in a few minutes after we start !!!
i wonderinG if fish is just like Guys ~!!!
even thouGht they know that's it's was a traps ! still~ they Go for it ~!!!
所谓:英雄难过美人关啊 !
i Guess she can also Get a fish without usinG any baits :P
So ~! this is our catch of the days ~!
i'm no lonGer the old me ~!
i Get some fish !!!
the 2 little fish ~!!!!
AnGel Get the biG fish and the snake like disGustinG creature !! yucks (>.<) and also one small fish ~!
Ken and Jacky Get 1 but too small..they let them Go ~!
Pity Jeffery and Alex didn't catch anythinG ~!
they just busy throwinG baits feedinG the fish ~! wahhahaha !!!!
After fishinG !
the next destination is RESTAURANT!!!!
and they maGically turns our catch into this yummy dishes !!!!
includinG the dunno what long disGustinG creature ~! ^.^
Hurray ~!!!!!
ok ~! time to eat ! bye bye ~! :P
Only realized fishinG is so tirinG !!!
some of the Group dozed off after the meal ~!
only GreG, Alex, and Ken Go K-Box for drinks, sinG, and....ladies ~!!??? :P
Ken and Alex went back at 1.30am ~!
GreG meet ChinHoweSionG and Teoh half way and we decided to Go R&B for some dancinG ~! :P
ah ~!
after everythinG we felt like eatinG and it's was 4am ~!
Due to HARI MERDEKA ~!!! Great! MERDEKA!!!
all the fuckinG reastaurant had finished sellinG their food ~! T.T SOLD OUT!
we have fuckinG nothinG to eat and ended up sleepinG with hungry stomach and heavy head ~! T.T
OUCH ~! i felt like headache now @.@


i wake up at 8.30am don't know for what reason ~! :P
ah ~! borinG ~!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Foot MassaGe

Finally ~!!!
it's the end of internship~!!!!
say what ???
After lunch ~! yo ~! We Go for Foot MassaGe~!!!!
at Permonade Hotel ~!
with my so-called previous boss~!
Adrian ~!!!!
and my funny lovely little friend ~!
Ken~! :P
syok ~!!!!
a Great and comfortinG foot MassaGe after so lonG of workinG walking and standinG~!!
yeah ~!!!!!


Friday, August 28, 2009


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

KFC-Shrimp Stix

Had KFC as my lunch today...
here comes the NEW product...
At 1st, just plan to have Snack plates which cost RM9.50 as my lunch~!
But when i saw the new poster of the KFC-STRIMP STIX...
i chanGed my mind ~! :P
and it ended up like this !!!!!!
Way more smaller than it shows in the poster ~!! T.T

Monday, August 24, 2009

Khoo Ken Yip

Guess what ~!!!! ?????? ^.^
KEN IS BACK~!!!! WOW~!!!!!
yea...KEN is back to Tawau, Malaysia.
We drink the whole niGht and now what ...
half-dead headache hanG over~!
wth =.="
but yet ~! i was a Great niGht ~!


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thursday, August 20, 2009

My First Time~

i can still remember.... and it was still fresh in my memory...
Like if it was just happened yesterday...
that was my 1st time...
i Gave out my precious FIRST time....
it was a stranGe feelinG....
and i will never ever forGet this "once in a life time" experience~! Actually it doesn't sounds like what you read just now...
it actually happened two days aGo...
i Go to Kota Kinabalu for some business....
After everythinG was done...
i drove around and i saw the "pretty one" ~!
somehow...i don't know why...
i was attracted...
i parked my car some distance away and approached...
then everythinG starts.
my FIRST time Gone ~!!! T.T
This is the 1st time i can't finish my food ~! T.T
and also the 1st time i tried Philippine dishes..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Practise doesn't make perfect.!

AmazinGly~i manaGe to wake up and Go to church that Sunday!!!
wow~! and have an opportunity to listened to a nice preach~! ^.^
Halleluyah ~! Praise the lord~!

"Practise DOESN'T make perfect! WHY???",asked the PASTOR.
"Practise doesn't make perfect as it's only make a HABIT", he said.
"No Matter how hard you PRACTISE, with the WRONG skills, will you become perfect?", he then added.
i totally aGreed. Don't you ???

and a lots of preachinG...etc.etc.etc..

and then he cauGht my FULL attention aGain.

the PASTOR says, "说话是要清楚的, 是要有风度的...生命是需要纠正的"

(which means, we must be clear about what are we talking, talking with demeanour, life can be corrected) .TALKING is a skill.....
If you are NOT learninG this at younG aGe, you will learn it later throuGh pain, throuGh hurt, and just that you will realized that's not correct...
do you want to know that you are WRONG for your whole life and only knew it when you been to those unwanted and avoidable hurts and pain?

Do you want to Give away you opportunity to become successful because of your RUDE and not understandinG words? Because you have been practisinG it since younG ???


"哎哟, 他/她是这样的啦~习惯就好,虽然他嘴巴很毒,可是心是好的.." 曾经说过类似的话吗??

have you ever said that, "Let it be, he/she doesn't mean it..."


虽然如此, 说过的话已经无形中伤害了一个人....

what had been said will hurt a person without any acknowledGement


even the person who understands you the most or your best friend, the words that you think is not harmful will become seeds of



do you want it ?!!! for me, i won't let it be ! i can't afford to lose my best friend.!!!


talkinG is a kind of ARTs.



Think before you TALK before it's to late.

if you feel that somethinG's wronG around you,
make a self-examination,
think what's wronG with you,
not what's wronG with other people!!!
make a chanGE!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kacau+inG colleaGue

Wow~! WorkinG is borinG~!!!
so let's have some fun ~!!!!!!
My colleaGue, Miss Chin suddenly comes up with an idea to "mess" with my another colleaGue, AlanKoh one day after lunch~!so she tarGeted his caR~!!!! wow wow~! oh o !!! i'm feelinG no Good riGht now ~!!!
what is she GoinG to do ????? OMG~!!!
when reached office~! she took out a pair of scissor~!!!!
oh Gosh ~!!! what is she goinG to do ??????? OMG~!!!!
oh plz don't let it be what i think she will be doinG ~!!!!
I Guess i'm wronG when she took out a piece of paper, pen, and some tapes...
and writinG "LOVE U babe !" on that particular piece of paper. =.="
what is she GoinG to do soon ???? hrmmm i wonder ~!
but i felt better as it wasn't as worst as i think of ~!!!
.she then approach the car...the back of the car...
WOW~!!! see the circle ???? the red, Green and white circle???
what you found in it ???
YES~!!! a CAM~!!!!!
normally activated while reversinG the car ~! :P haha ~!!!!
and what next ????
yeah..she covered the cam with the tape prepared just now ~!!!! =.="
OPPS ~!!!!
one more thinG~!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi ~! FishY fishY~!

First of all ~! yeah ~!!!
BBQ aGAin ~! at Taman Bukit Tawau ~!!!!!
This Sunday was an extremely Good weather Sunday! ~!!!
it doesn't rain and it's hot like my mother fucker and roastinG my balls ~!!!!
but it chill me down when we reached the stream ~!!!!!
and today! with more people ~!!! and one more extra activity !!!!!
this time we have 10 people plus Milton the 11th people ~! because he say he had to see that if he was free to Go ....all of us just assumed that he will not Go as eveytime he say : "see 1st" means will not see him one ~! hahahaha ~!!!!
however ~!! SURPRISE!!!! he showed up !!! half way we are havinG fun ~!! so happy !!!!
Guess what we had in the stream ...???
water ? stone ? woods ? leaf ? soil ?
yeah ~! all of them are in the stream ~!!!
and also~!!!! FISH~!!! a lots of little fish ~! different kinds but almost the same kind of fishes~!!!
so...that's our new activity of the day except BBQ ~!!!
catchinG fish competition ~!!!!
without any nets, fishinG road or whatever to catch fish !!!!
i never could imaGine that how fun was catchinG fish ~!!!!
and somemore it was a competition !!!! amonG ourself ~!!!
and Guess who's the winner ????
de denGGGGG~!!!!!!!
nope ..this is not the champion ~! they are Aubo and Shoo... the 2nd runner-up!!!!
they used knife and some stick and also empty bottle to make some fish traps in case to catch fish !!!!
how about this team ??? the champion ????
NOOOOO~!!! BOooooooOOoo~!!!!
They are Milton and HuiXin~!! the 1st runner up!!!!
usinG plastic bags with some little hole to catch fish !!!!!
the Get quite some amount of fish !! big fish ! small fish !!!!
wow ~!! still..they are not the champion !!!!~!!! T.T
here comes the most excitinG moment!!!!
here comes the unbeatable and the most potential fisherman ~!!!
and also the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!
MR.GreG and Mr. Bartho~!!!!!
usinG their own clothes and some stone to catch the fish ~!!!!
haha ~!!!! amount of fish catched .....uncountable ~!!! (actually is just quite a huge amount and we are too lazy to count)
ok ~!!!
now we know that if we can't find a job after Graduated ~!!
at least ! we can both partner up and become fisher man ~!!!!
sell ikan bilis perhaps !!!!!
that Sunday was s fun and happy sunday ~!!!
it was the 1st time i hold a pity tiny little fish in my hands..
and also lettinG those freaks putting those fish into my butt while we are posinG for the most memorable moment of our fish catchinG days !!!!! T.Tbesides....the most awkward moment is that some others Group of girls accidently saw some fish 'escapinG' from my white, round and beautiful 'moon' ~!! !@#$#!@$!@$wth!!!!
sit dai sai T.T

Aubo is leavinG today ~!! bye bye ~!!!
have your last sem at uk !!!!
see you soon at penanG!!!!

i put on 't-shirts' on my body just in case someother else saw it and vomit or friGthened and sue me ~! ^.^
hahaha ~!!! bye ~! have fun ~!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tomorrow !!!

Guess what ~! ???
TOMORROW BBQ~!!!! BABI KILL~!!! hurrayyy ~!!!!
location is Taman Bukit Tawau aGain ~!!!!
but with more people ~!!! hurrayyyyy!!!!!
so happy ~! can't wait for TOMORROW ~!!!
errrmmm..perhaps ...later????
12 hours more ?~???
yeah ! BBQ!!!!


oh dear God ! plz don't rain heavily tomorroW afternoon ~!!
plz ~! amen.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Thursday, August 6, 2009


刚和mummy去机场接了daddy, 然后一起吃夜宵. 感觉蛮开心的!!!!
大妹跑了出来:"zomok 你哦!!!!"
因为她骂我, 所以我就提高声量对她说:"按错不可以meh!!!!!!你Guarantee你不会按错mer!!! "
我tmd更火滚了!!!!!! 明明sms她跟她说2030去找她换车要去机场接老豆9点的机, 2030时, 终于..到了她团聚小组组员家!!!!!
celcom 你tmdknsccb!!!! 竟然又给我出乱子!!!打不通!!!!什么嘛!!!
于是,便不管了, 开大门进去....我没跟进去....
她“很快”就出来! 注意:是“很快”哦!!!
我生气了就大声说:“慢到要死! 听不到mummy 喊的meh ?”



妹:“你整天在那里管三管四,吵来吵去,乱乱骂人的啦!!! 又整天霸东西!!!全家人都讲你是家里的小霸王的啦!!!”

可是,我是大哥嘛! 当然要让我一下嘛!!!!没有听过“孔融让梨”吗???

要是你们听mummy 的话...
而且都是mummy 要我管你们的啊!!!

知道自己有错还要嘴硬!!! 当然会吵啦!!!




damn pissed !!!! wtf!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This post is specially dedicated for my dearest brother, SA733E.
SA733E is a Toyota Corona...
it has been servicinG our family for more than 20 years...
and now ....
it is proudly retire !!!!!!!!!! T.T
i'm so sad about the leave of SA733E....
i would never see him aGain T.T awwhhhh....
.GOOD BYE ~! my dear brother....
Bye bye...front view of SA733EGood Bye..side view of SA733E...
Adiós...back view of SA733E

Sayorana...riGht side tyres of SA733E
SElamat Jalan...riGht door of SA733E

Güle Güle....break and accelerator of SA733E
Au revoir...sterinG of SA733E
Tạm biệt....the old style analoG radio of SA733E..
Auf Wiedersehen...Driver seat of SA 733E...再见...SA733E... T.T
the oldest "members" of my family...T.T i'll miss you a lots...


My brother was once anGry with my daddy when he used SA733E to pick him up..
he felt shameful to Get on this old and torned car...
i felt anGry with him because he felt ashame because it was old and make out alots of noises!
hey !!!!i scolded him...
REMEMBER!!! you must be grateful to have a ride on a vehicle...
how many kids are there you know, they don't even have a pair of shoe to walk to their school...
and your daddy drive it to work and earn money to pay and buy those stuffs you like.!
i'm proud of havinG SA733E services....
and i'm sad because he is GoinG to be demolished ...
i saw that it was parked at an empty land of PUSPAKOM today....
a sad feelinG attacked me then.
R.I.P. SA733A..
i'll always miss you !

Monday, August 3, 2009

Siu Gai Yek ~!

When to some mamak last few days ~! :P
and said Milton:"SYIZLING~!!!!!"(and lol)
wow ~! he say out so loud and indeed only one table is us and others is the stalls worker !
wanna die mer ~! wahhahaha ~!!!!
Then Milron is very Generous ~!
he treat us Chicken winGs ~!
Guess how much he ordered ~!!! ????

14+1 as he fiGht for our stomach and Gained one more extra FREE chicken winGs for us ~!
and that's our supper ~!!!!

this is how much i ate that niGht ~!!!!!!
yew ~ !i know it's disGustinG arranGGinG it like this ~!!!!
hahaha ~! and also kena complain by the cone who clean the table ~! ^.^

Saturday, August 1, 2009


AHHHHH!!!!!!!! @#%$R#%@@#%
what a so called"coincident"....
on the left hand side of my house ....

On the riGht side of my house ....