Tuesday, August 3, 2010


24th July 2010. a date I'll never forGet!
It's my Graduation day!!!!
I'm finally Graduated as a Civil Engineer!!!
spotted me ?

my very huGe extra larGe sized course mate,Amaan!

with some of the course mate and lecturer.

lunch box from my precious friends as my Graduation Gift!!

after everythinG, talkinG, photo takinG, eatinG.
my parents and I Get into the car.
We plan to Go for a movie.
then a phone call from my uncle.
sayinG that my Grandma is in ICU.
we all GettinG nervous and worried.
few minutes later.
another phone call from my uncle.
it's a bad news.
Grandma passed away.


Grandma, GreG and Esther.
I missed you, popo.

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Anonymous said...

my deepest condolences to u n ur family . your popo is RIP now.