Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There are only two person who which I am so angry and deleted them off my lists, either from any social networking sites, mobile phone, or even friend lists, and just wanted then to vanish from my life.
By not seeing them, not looking at their update and not listening from the commons friends ! Doing this actually cut them off from me, but somehow they always come back to me, in my mind, my memory ! They just stuck in my memory ! No matter how hard I try to convince myself I never get to know them ! Who are they !?
Both of them are once the lady that attracts me and the foolish me sacrifice whatever just to see them smile and hope that we would be together happily ever after! But at the end my heart just tear apart by them ! Or should say, I tears my own hearts apart!
They actually changes my life, the way I view the world !

They bring me to a realization that, 
"If you love someone, you would be willing to give up everything for them. But if they love you, they wouldn't ask you to." 
They don't, so it's me that's the one who things another ways round. Stupid Greg, you should have had seen it since the beginning.

I still can remember what one of them did to me, she actually chose to be with my best friend which will leave her after few weeks time, somehow I forgive my best friend who choose to be with the lady I was in love with which he also knew it. 
I still stuck with the question Why should I ? 
and that's the answer,
"How many times do we forgive someone just because we don't want to lose them, even though they don't deserve our forgiveness?"
I don't want to lose a friend of mine, just that simple and it haunted me for few years !
During the final semester of my university life, there's a lady who came into my life, who which then makes the once wonderful memories we had together the worst nightmare I ever had !
I still remember that how happy am I when we are both sitting at the peak of the hill enjoying the view of the sunrise and the breeze.
That's the best feeling I had at that time but now it is the worst !
"The worst feeling you'll ever feel is sitting next to the person who means the world to you knowing that you mean nothing to them." 
I never realized that at that moment until now !
The naive me just figure out the way to make you laugh for no reasons because I think that by making you happy is the best thing ever ! Now i just realized that 
"Love is never measured by the times a guy made you laugh, but by the number of times he made you SMILE after you cried."
GREGORY ! Do you know that we spend so much time blaming others for our failures. Take full responsibility & accountability for your life, ITS YOURS NOT ANYONE ELSE's.!! No one deserves the happiness that you should have !
Follow your heart and learn from your mistakes. Never look back and always believe in fate
Don't choose the direction you want to go in life and ask GOD to join you on the journey. Let him choose your direction & follow his lead.
Put God in the first place as he will provide the best for you ! 
Once are history, from what that happened actually make you stronger!
It might be very painful memories, but without those, how would you find the better one you deserves?
Treat yourself better, ok ?


Boy: "I Want Happiness." 
God: "1st remove d word 'I', it's ego. Then remove d word 'Want' it's desire & all u will get is 'Happiness'.
You will not getting something "you want", ego and desire doesn't bring then nearer.Put it in God's hand.
Thanks to those who has been hurting me ! Hope you guys are happier now !
bye ! 

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pig said...

serious?? reli??
hey theres onli 1 woman who will spend their whole life wif u
but there r lots of frens who will do tat
so fren > woman n fren = ur lover but family > fren
so overall family n frens owned hehe
n nvr give up hope
bez luck 2 u dude