Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011.

I never have lots of memory about my grandfather, because he passed away before I have any memory yet.
I never spend enough time with my grandmother, because she passed away when I was Primary 6.
I saw my mother crying badly on th phone but I didn't cry, I remember that I am going to have my UPSR.
I wanted to attend funeral but my mother said, "Boy, study hard!" then she continued crying.

Left to right, my grandma, grandpa, and my mother. I haven't exist in this world yet.
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.!
Happy Mother's Day, Grandma in heaven.
It's another Mother's Day,
It's the 1st year of my working year's Mother's Day.
My mommy is in Tawau and I am in Petaling Jaya.
I didn't Get anything for my mommy but just a call to her saying "Happy Mother's Day" at 2pm in the afternoon.
She replied' "Thanks you, Did you went to church ?"
This reminded me about every Mother's day, when I am in Tawau, 
I must attend church's worships with my mother.
I never like to go to the church with my mommy, but I still go that time because she forced me to.
Recent year, I get the freedom because I am at university staying alone.
I am so happy, and I never attends Church.
This year, I went to church alone.
I flashed back a lots when prayer time.
Mother, I Love You.
I know that you love me so much that's why you kept nagging me and I hate you for nagging me.
Now I understands why.

This is the only Picture of my whole family with my Grandma.

Clock wise direction starting from me.
GreG, Daddy, Michelle, Mommy, Esther, Richard, Popo.
It was my Graduation day !
and it's also the day I received the news that my Popo passed away.
I never know that my Popo was that sick.
I didn't have any feeling when I heard about that news.
My Daddy also show nothing on his face, it was just right after my graduation ceremony, after happily taking photo with people around and we are walking to the car.
The next day, Daddy straight away went back to KK.
Me and Mommy went back the day after Daddy.
When we are at the funeral, I never cry.
I am a strong guy ! 
I cannot CRY!
I am a MAN!
The feeling comes when then starts to cover the coffin and nailed it.
My eyes welled.
Tears starts rolling all over my face.
This is the 1st time I cried so badly after so many years.
I can never see my Popo again.
I felt even sad because it's been very long since the last time I talked to her.
I can't even remembered what's the last thing she told me ! 
This is the worst situations ever.
Happy Mother's Day, Popo.
I love you .
I MISSED YOU so much !
I really hope to have a last words from you.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's in this world.


Now Daddy is 59, Mommy is 55. and I am 24.
They staying across the oceans in Tawau, and I'm in PJ.
I should work hard so that I can give them a comfortable life.
I must have time to take care of them and spend the quality time with them.
Life's Short. People never appreciate anythings when they are still there.
Don't be the one who cannot remember what's the last thing the one loved you the most told you.

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不爱王子的公主 said...

wah, u change into a man dy...hahhahaa
think more deeply liao........ur grandma will feel gratified...n ur mum will be proud of u..

gambateh la.. all the best XD