Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wonderful Tonight.

I saw an angel.

She took my heart away.
and fill in the blank with lots of love.


GOD is too busy to love everyone.
So God send me an angel to take care of me.
Thank you GOD, I love the angel God gave me.


pig said...

and im the devil that come from hell lol

~G~ said...

u are the pig come from the farm..lolz

pig said...

that would be the truth
old mcdonald had a farm eya eya ooo

~G~ said...

i am the butcher who kill the pig ~~!! lolz ~

pig said...

@.@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

TttTaAaA ™ ツ said...

I see God had send you a special one ^^. Long time no see, Mr. G! =)

~G~ said...

tototo~~~ang~!!long time no see too~~how are you~~:)
so random :)