Monday, August 5, 2013

Funny Cooking Time

Last time you cakap you tak tahu cooking.
So, pada suatu hari, I ada mood.
Jadi, I lah yang masak.
Last last bila I masak, you datang.
You cakap tak boleh macam ini tak boleh macam itu.
So, apa macam?
Mood I juga tidak bagus and I left you to cook alone in the kitchen.
OH!!!! Mengamuk juga.
I memang don't know apa fikiran perempuan.

lolz~ so funny when I was cooking and some memories comes back.

做得好,做不好, 都是自己承担。


Do something for your ownselves.
No mater how good or how bad the result is, it's still for your ownselves.
At least you will appreciate your own efforts.

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