Sunday, July 11, 2010


Daddy was here attendinG some course.
I'm here, never Go back.
so it's really a Great thinG to saw those who close with you after a lonG time not seeinG each others.
so I went to KLCC to meet up with my dad.
I love hanGinG out with my dad.
he bouGht me some shirts and ties.
that's not the best thinG.
the best is he always wanted me to walk around with him instead of drivinG.
explored a lots of place with nice food.
and we usually drinks.
Just that this time I wonder why he don't want to drink??
may be I'm drivinG that niGht ?
he never says.
opps~! and I banG into Pink, Jenny, and Irene.
OMG! that morninG I was like browsinG throuGh Facebook and saw picture of them BBQinG celebratinG worldcup!
all of sudden.
I missed home! Y.Y
but daddy's here.
at least.
2 weeks later.
they will be here for my Graduation!
I'm finally Graduated and so Gonna find a real job.
GOD.Bless ME.


I wonder if I could Get a job?
or just that I Got thousands to spend every month without workinG?
or what if I won a lottery. but I never buy one @.@

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