Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gone hiking

Under the hot sun at 10 am..
Equiped with a gps..
Without water..
Went over an unknown trails..
Climbed not even halfway of a mountain..
Enjoyed a very nice view,gasping..

Surrender at 12.30pm...not even half way of the mountain.
Tired and dehydrated..
Went into the trail for about 2km..
But too weak to finish the trail..and luckily it didnt rain.

Life is full of unknown circumstances,however, it is always beautiful.
If you fully equiped yourself.
Thanks god i didnt die due to dehydration today. ;)
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pig said...

next time ill go wif u unprepared 2 so that u know atleast u hv a fren 2 die wif u lol

~G~ said...

wahahaha !!! u won't die ! i will feed u with my pee ! and if i die first ! please have my meat !!!
i bet it will be tasty !yummy!

pig said...

y don turn it around u can hv my pee n meat lol