Friday, October 28, 2011


Love is a trap.
Once you give in you heart, you would never get the whole piece back.

Dear Gregory,

Don't you ever learn from history?
Please refer back to your own "history book"?
How you feel and how the other feel is totally different.
Not every girl which you like would love you back.
It may by just an illusions, a Nepenthes, which traps you in and only at the very end, you just suddenly realized that you have just lose your life.
Love is blind,but Action speaks, and Rumor tells.
You can't see with your eyes, but you still have your heart to feel and ears to listen.
Please do not be too happy with all those replies.
When you like her, you might just ignored all those cold replies but only seeing those misleading replies.
May be she is just too polite or just out of sudden, she has some extra time to entertain you?
I rather hope that she never replies you.
Or replying just for the sake or not breaking your tiny little fragile hearts?
but she would never knew that as time goes by, she isn't just breaking your heart but totally ripped it off.
I don't understand that why are you always attracted by those "polite" girls.
They would always reply your text and answers your call.
At the end they just call you "friend".
which you would never love to hear about it and walked away with your broken heart.
If she likes you, interested in you, loves you:-
She would be the one who text you first.
She would reply you at the first place and not after 10 minutes or half and hour.
She would tell you what she is doing and asked about you.
She would explains for late replies.
She wouldn't lie to you.
She would share secrets with you.
You would be the first on the lists when she needs helps.
Else wise, you would just be a nice extras, substitutes.
No one likes to be the extra one.
Please seriously look into these above as per mentioned matters because I don't want my 'company' to suffer from the intrudes of alcohol & drugs again.

Thanks & Regards.


Gregory Voo.Co.
be alone, close your eyes and you could found me.



pig said...

ur still young don worry so much la
if u fall 4 her then put more effort lo
btw when u type this post hv u ever fink of those who uve hurt be4 LOL
appreciate them n learn from ur mistake n b a better guy now n future
hey rmb
no matter how hard is it u hv my full support
no matter how many time u fail ill pick u up(wont b easy tho lol)
no matter how sad u r i hope im able 2 lighten ur burden
so man up n go chase ur dream girl ba
if this 1 is not her then search again
someday ull find her eventually

~G~ said...

erk hmm..i didn't hurt anyone like that one lo ...if dun like i straight away tell one lo ~! ahmehhhh,,

pig said...

i didnt say u hurt ppl like that a.. i juz say u did hurt ppl only ma LOL