Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HIKING + steambot~!

TIMe to lose some KGss~!!!


It was a nice and sunny Saturday~!
Aubo and his FAMILY invited me to Go for hikinG at ??lim man gui rock hill ???
this is the family portrait of the CHOK FAMILY~!!!
AuBo and his wife,YihShin and their child :P
haha~! what a happy family~!

half way ~!!
we also met RAMBO ~!! our high school teacher ~!

ah ~! and finally ~!! at the peak ~! ^.^ hurray~!!

since hikinG is so tirinG ~!
at niGht ~!!!
STEAMBOT~!!!! waw ~!!!

when i arrived ~! aunty is making "水饺" ~!!
so i Go and Give her a hand ~!!!
however..at the end...
someone is "movinG" so fast
so i just able to make one BIG 水饺 and another special designated 水饺~!!

my 水饺 in process

done ~!!
nice ler ~!!

it looks NICE and taste even NICER than what it looks like ~! ^.^

ah ~! our food for steamboat~!
a little bit lauk-pauk only because everyone have had their dinner ~! ^.^
it was just like a reunion of hiGh school friends that very hard to met each other these days~! T.T

and the dessert is RICE BALL ~!

YihShin so Greedy~!
one person alone eatinG 7 bowl of rice ball ~!!

Melissa eatinG rice ball and Milton behind usinG my computer~!

opps ~!! someone actinG cute~! ^.^

ah ~!
so basically ~!!

i lose some weiGht and Gain more weiGht ~!! T.T

wooooooooow T.T
when will i Get rid of my fats ~!


yoyoyo ~!!
anyone have idea about PROTON and PERODUA cars ???
if i wanna buy car ~!
PERSONA ? new SAGA ? or MYVI ?
which one better ???
aiks ~! T.T no money ~!
only can aims for these cars T.T


pig said...

au bo house look like a small cc.. loooooool
n d pic on d hill.. mimi.. ur du lam come out liao la.. hahahahahahaha

~G~ said...

yih ~!!!
that's why ~!!!
the reason i go hikinG ~!!!
Gone already lur ~!! the du lam ~!!! :P
believe it o not ? believe ~!

pig said...

no way i gonna believe ur du lam gone.. lol
ei.. if compare tat 3 car.. go 4 myvi.. lol

chubikia said...

Anything with an airbag :P

~G~ said...

wth T.T kenneth
MYvi really that good mer ?
hahaha ~!
i also got an "airbaG"~! :P

cindy said...

lol... greg .... u need lorry or van .... all these car too small!!! cannot FIT u....
btw i heard that myvi is good..

pig said...

myvi is not good.. but among tat 3 myvi is d bez choice..
u know wut's good? ferrari, aston martin, lamborgini.. those good.. lol

Anonymous said...

keep ur body fit when u r still young.ur body should be well-built with muscles. tat can make u look mature n reliable to girls..
eat healthy.


~G~ said...

shit lar you cindy `!
PIG~!!! Go die ~! haha ~! if i could afford those car ~! T.T
Y~! thx thx ~! hahaha ~! let's Go hikinG next time ~! :P

pig said...

suggest u good car oso give u scold..
no wonder u dun hv gf la~ :P

~G~ said...

u wash bag~!

pig said...

i wash bag u wash leg.. :P