Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to GREG~!

a BIG THANK YOU to you Guys 1st~!
for celebratinG my birthday with me ~! ^.^
17 JUN 2009~!
They are....
it's shown in the picture~! (too many already `! i felt lazy to type ~!sorry lar Guys)
and finally~!
i'm 22years old~!!!
but i'm forever 21~! ^.^
here thinGs Goes on ~!
on 17 Jun 2009 niGht~!
GreG and birthday cake with a biG "G"...

with their homemade birthday cake ~!
i thinkinG about my wishes~!!!
and oh my GOD~!
at that very moment!
i have no idea about what to wish ~!
is that tells i havinG a Great life ~! NO! definetly, NOT!!!!

arGhhh~! forGet about that~!
so they suGGested that i wish to lose 50 kG ~!
wah ! 50 kG~! i'll die ~! so i reduced to 25kG ! ^.^
i can't put off the candles in one blow ~! T.T
so i Guess i can't lose weiGht dy lur ~! aih ~! so sad ~!

haha ~! and this is how i cut the cake~! :P

so~ after wishinG and potonG cake ~!
they asked me to eat the cake from the middle ~!
REASON is they wanted me to test the "failed" middle part~!
so i just do it ~!
this is what i found ~!
which Goes into my mouth and i nearly swalloed and it comes out aGain full of saliva~!!!
yihhhh ~!!!!!!
a notes~!
it written.....
WTH =.= "
dadanG ~!!!
my so-called Birthday present~!
a HUGE candy from UK~!
wow ~! is that everyTHINGS from UK is unbelieveably HUGE and Gorgeous ?

it's called Mammouth JawBreaker~!!

it's Green ~!
it looks like a tennis ball ~!
but it is sliGhtly smaller than a tennis ball ~!!!

i Grab it out and try to break my Jaw as it is "created" for ~! :P

i'm Gonna enjoy it ~! ^.^


can't fit in ????!!!!
it just CAN"T~!!!!how come ????

ok ~! i fiGure it out already ~!
forGet to WARM UP~!!!
streachinG ~!
still streachinG~!!
however ~!!!
it just can't fit in my mouth ~! T.T

and even not doinG good with a knife~!
can't even cut it into half >.<>aih ~! at the end ~! have to lick it ~! =.="
and until today....
i still haven't done lickinG it yet ~! T.T

As a conclusion ~!!
  1. UK thinGs is HUGE and HARD~!!!
  2. their mouth ...BIG~!!!
from a candy ~! you can inspect so many thinGs ~!


ahhh ~!!!
i should have wishes that my results come is God Damn Good bah ~!
aih ~! now just remember ~!!!
and also wish for a Girlfriend ~!
who like what i stated at GIRLFRIEND WANTED (click here)


liching said...

wah! so big the candy!!
need to warm up somemore! lmao!!!

oh, dont feel sad just bcuz u're OLD okay? :P happy belated bday.

pig said...

u jiu good la.. got cake eat..

~G~ said...

hahaha ~! yea lar ~! damn huGe ~!
can't put into my mouth ! T.T

haha ~! PiG! you don't have MEH ?

pig said...

wut do u fink? -.-'''

~G~ said...


pig said...

onli got beer n liquor.. >.<

~G~ said...

wah ~!!!
like that even better lar ~!!!! >.<
yish ~!
envy die me !

pig said...

wa.. muntah die me.. lol

~G~ said...

Got muntah means really havinG alots of fun mah! :P

pig said...

i prefer eat cake n shit.. lol

~G~ said...

hahaha! lauGh die me ~! : D