Friday, June 12, 2009


erk hmm...
halo ~!!!!
i'm back ~!!!
but still T.T
not usinG my own internet T.T
1st ~!! i'm workinG already ~!!!
internship....until now is about one week already :P
worst thinG is T.T i have to say bye bye with my moustache and beard...
and my moustache didn't "link" T.T got an empty space in between..aiks....
hahaha ~!! as a trainee civil engineer ^.^
it's so fun workinG as trainee civil engineer~!!!
haha ~!!! cannot tell you Guys here ~!! ask me personally lar~!
later my tauke "pecat" me i jiu 'o Gui' lor ~!!
cannot study Master..but the condition is i can pass my exam lar ~! ^.^

ok ~!! nevermind~! :P
see those "pretty"ketam~!!!
haha ~!!! ChokAuBo is back ~!!!
the happy thinG when he is back is ..~!!!! KETAM PARTY at his house ~!!!! :P

see ~!!! AuBo is enjoyinG his KETAM~! :P
JANET still at UK ~!!!
we show her our tasty crabs and 吃相~!!! hahaha ~!!!

The end~!!!!
this is what we eat ~! :P


pig said...

mouth wateringggggggggggggg

~G~ said...

that's why...
come back faster ~!!!! ^.^

pig said...

coming bak ><
hvnt finish buy gifts.. cannot bak..

~G~ said...

erk hmm....
17 jun~! :P
remember oh~!! ^.^ hahaha~!

pig said...

ha? ha? ha?
duno o..
me 一视同仁 d.. if others dun hv.. u oso dun hv.. tat's it.. i onli buy 4 my family.. sry.. ><

chubikia said...

September!!!! I will have Tawau seafood!!!

~G~ said...

yihhhhh ~!!!!
liddat wah ~!!
haha ~! see you at september ~! :P