Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raptors 1st blood ~

this match should have started last thursday 6pm
nauGhty God ...
he make it rain Y.Y
and he stops it then...
we thouGht it won't rain anymore and we sweep the court and try to dry it ASAP so that we won't miss the Game that day ~!!
half way ...it rains aGain !!
oh GOD ~!! why are you so nauGhty ~!!
that day~ i went home totally exhausted...for sweepinG the court and didn't play the match ~!!
awwhhh ~! forGet it~
so the Game postphoned to the next monday~!!
and it rains aGain excatly at 6pm !!! OMFG O.O
however it stops aGain !! really stops and didn't rain afterwards ~!!
so this is RAPTORS ~!! and also my team ~! ^.^
ZhiWei.GreG.Ryan and one more absent ~!
and this is our 1st opponent ~!! the PANDAssss !!!!
wahaha !! skinny panda indeed ~! :)
we nearly lose this match..huh ~!!
these skinny PANDA are touGh ~!! wow ~!!
so ..enjoy ~!!
wahaha !!
my friend only Get to record the 1st few minutes because camera runninG out of batteries ~!! Y.Y sadly ~~! :)
so this is our 1st blood in the UNIM BASKETBALL LEAGUE 2010 ~


wow ~!!!
tomorrow will face the "CHAMPION Team Cheetah"
OMG!!! they are damn stronG @.@

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