Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St.Patrick Festival 2010

It was a fine and nice FRIDAY.~
It was 19 March 2010.~
It was St.Patrick Festival 2010~! 
It was the day to drink GUINESS!!
It was also my first time to St.Patrick Celebration ~!!!
So i asked Elton. Aaron. ZhiKanG. WoonCzen. and they asked others and etc etc etc ...
at the end our Group become biGGer and biGGer ~!! ^.^ wow ~!! it was a happy day ~!!
SHAMROCKS~!!! St.Patrick ROCKS!!!
So here's Go the celebration ~!!
We reached ONE UTAMA at about 1800~
and Get a nice seats just riGht beside the staGe~
and it was also the 1st time i drank so much Guiness in my life time ~
and it was bitter after drinkinG too much~

luckily there were some food sellinG there~
ain't expensive.
RM10 for half a pint of Guiness, RM20 for one whole chicken
lamb shank, pie , etc etc a lots of other yummy food ~^.^
wow ~!! these Green muffins looks cool ~! ^.^
besides that ..there are some FREE mini Games too ~!
and you Get to win a little prize and havinG fun ~!
haha ..all of use do win a prize ~! ^.^
hurray ~!!!
and since we are so near to the staGe~!
LIVE BAND ~!! wow ~!! i love LIVE BAND~! so much !!
you Guys rocks !!
and met with Collin from CarCrashHearts and Nicholas from ROSEVELT.
they are so approachable ~!
and friendly too ~!!
i love you Guys ~! you Guys ROCKS!!!
there is a COMEDY LOUNGE which we watched some local stand up comedian doinG their show~
here's DouGlas Lim~love his jokes~!! ^.^
then we walk around and spotted a WALL~!!
let's SPAM it ~!!
too bad we are not allowed to spam and write improper words~ Y.Y
but it still so much fun ~! :P
and some photoGrapher took picture for use and we can collect our FREE picture after 20 minutes ~


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wah...finally took photo with ur twin brother... lol..kekeke

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don't really see also from the pic ~!! wahahaha