Friday, March 19, 2010

Viva Vertical POLE STARS talent showcase Malaysia 2010

Hey Guys ~! 
remember GreG say that GreG will Go to watch POLE DANCING in few post before ?
So GreG do went to watch it at 17 MARCH 2010 at Quattro by the invitation of NuffnanG~!!
thx nuffnanGs~! GreG do had a Great time ~! ^.^ it Goes ~!!
17 March 2010.
it was the MEDIA LAUNCH of 
what is it about ?
2001-2010: Viva Vertical places spot liGht on POLE DANCING to educate and open up minds that it is a respected dance sport.
for more info.
so here's the pretty ladies ~!!
(opps ..most of the pic i stolen from FeeQ...sorry dude..i was stunned by them and forGet about takinG any shots :P )
Pole Dance Instructor 2009 Nominee Aerialist (silk-pole-pole)
Master Trainee

brief us about the online base competition.
so GUYS or GIRLS !!
if you Guys love pole dancinG~
don't miss out !
the champion will represent Malaysia at International PDF championship in TOKYO!!
wasn't it AWESOME~!!!
wow ! don't lose the chance !!!
After the brief ~
by Sam "MIKO" Yee
so this is the 1st LIVE pole dancinG i ever seen in my life ~!
waw !0.0
After the performance...
some moves tauGht by the pole anGels ~! ^.^
wow ~!! and this Girl, one of us, did so well...
GreG also Get the chance to "interact" with the pole~
and it was really really hard.

At the end of the day..
besides GettinG whole lots of fun~and nice experience.
GreG Gets a lots of name card and a free POLE DANCE class

and who say fat Guys can't do pole dance ??
watch this 
HannahTan and Pietro Felix
even that fat Guy also can do it ?!
so what YOU think??!!
ah..and thx to the event.
i Get to knows some new friend~!
they are so friendly...
if not ..for me that GoinG alone ..i will felt like stupid ~! ^.^
thx to you Guys ~!!


Aidi-Safuan said...

uiks. when u took da video? pervert la u. :p

~G~ said...

haha ~!! why not ~! :P hehe ~! never lose the chance ~! :P

showcase nottingham said...


Her is Sexy Asia Girl ......