Friday, April 23, 2010


Since recievinG so many "complains" from my fellow friends and family ~
I finally made up my mind to have a normal hair cut ~
BOTAK or SHORT hair ? this comes to my mind ~
so ~! 
when JiaHer asked me wanted to Go for a hair cut or not ?
at the end !!!
here's the out come !!!
definitely NO!!!
just chopped off a large amount of hair !
now short hair dy ~!! HAPPY ??!!
damn lan si face ~! :)

i super miss my old hair style now !!! Y.Y
so how was it ??? :)
comments ??? 


awhh ~!! thx to PeiShin~ my hairstylist ~!
this is the second last day she work~
and this made my last hairstyle by her after so many years !!!
so !!! aih !! i need afind another hairstylist aGain Y.Y


河仔 said...

awesome la this hairstyle !!! =)

Eileendeng said...

better.. MUCH better ;) *like* ahahahahaha.. so handsome now!