Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The New "Hobby"


~G~ said...

i bet she will be screaminG like she usually do when she saw this ~!!! wahahaha ..
too bad not beside :(

♥ Sнӧρӑђӧƪɨс Ῥὲὶρϧʏ ♥ said...

OH gosh >.< u're so bad!

btw, why girlfriend in town need to "aih"?! ISH!

Cecilia Chiew said...

WTH its too scary shyttt u!!!!
proud to be model but fucking pissed off to be THIS KIND OF MODEL!! damnn!!!
YOU make my life get worse!!!!
those 3 photos below cant help much really T.T im begging u..PLS DELETE!!!! TTTT.TTTT
im crying now ;''''((((((
by d way..im S but not A and NOT even D ok????!!!! I lost all my image..IT's ALL UR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!

Mic said...

walao u really so bad oh haha ==
Ceci is pretty n cute,but let u jiang kacau >"<

♥ Sнӧρӑђӧƪɨс Ῥὲὶρϧʏ ♥ said...

HAHA nah lialia, not affect ur REAL PERSON la see someone said u pretty and cute, keke! anyway i cant control myself to laugh whnever i saw ur photos, especially the right bottom one on the 3rd pic, sooooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ;p

~G~ said...


hahah ..like this more natural mah ~! :P
you so bad ~!! :P