Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just another HIKE~

So 13.04.10.
it's broGa hill aGain..
it's been so many times there but yet still not sick of it ~! ^.^

this time kinda early so Got the chance to see the niGht view from the top :P
pretty isn't it ?

and with Stephanie cominG alonG ~!
we took a lots of picture...nice picture ~! :)
we took really a lots of Group photo ~!
this is the 1st time i felt that takinG photo is so tirinG Y.Y
and here we Go..
our very 1st Group photo~!
TKY, JiaHer, GreG, LeonG, YinGHonG, Jeff
XiaoHan, HuiYen, Steph

Jump shot~!

Different style jump shot ~!

Another style jump shot ~!

only me with very stupid pose jumpshot ^.^

Love this Group photo ~!!!

and this one what a coincidence ~!! everyone with the same anGle ~!!! 
wahaha ~! !super love this photo ~! it will be my recent wallpaper ~! ^.^

yuck ~! JiaHer and GreG ! super Gay titanic pose =.='

when GreG try to shoot himself ~!
Steph took this photo ~!! 
nice kan ?? my fb profile pic :P

thx to Steph ~! 
another nice pic ~!! wahahaha~
GoinG down hill ~!

Spotted that pair of shoe ???
SurprisinG ler !!!
that's my shoe which i throw up the branches durinG previous hike ~! :P

Beaten to death by Steph and TKY @.@

this is our another hike to broGa hill~!!
wonderinG how Stephanie looks like ????
ok ~! here we Go ~!!!
one biG clear view of her ~!! ^.^
nervous ??
.excitinG ???
here she is !!!!

wahahaha ~!!!pretty hor ~!!!

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不爱王子的公主 said...

thxs u all so much for bringing me there...had a lot of fun yeh!!
bt dun sad about leaving lar..
we will remember u forever de,臭男人 ...