Sunday, May 9, 2010

2nd week of MAY

it's MOTHER'S DAY!!!
-i didn't call my mum,didn't text my mum
-i didn't even dare to say 'i love you,mum' to my mum face too face!!!

so i just wanna tell my mum, "i love you, mum!"
even though you always non-stop askinG me a lots of thinGs and repeatinG them everytime and annoyed me..
i know it's for my own Good.
but..aih..i never listen to what you say...
what can do ? i'm your son. :)
thx for understandinG me and forGivinG for no matter what i did :)
felt so Good beinG your son ~! :)


i love you mum.
when is father's day???hrmm.....
2nd week of Jun ?


pig said...

im bak oledi when fathers day hahahahahaha
me mom told me will celebrate wif relatives means got nice food 2 eat wahahahahahaha so hapi

~G~ said...

Gek sei nGo !!!
hahaha~!!! come celebrate my bd ~! :P

janetgan said...

third sunday in june la. how old r u now. r u celebrating father's day for the VERY FIRST time..ish!

btw, click ads..

pig said...

if ur in twu definitely ill celebrate it wif u LOL