Sunday, February 6, 2011


Have you guys heard about the story about sand ?
may be yes or may be not.
It starts like that...
There were three f people holding some amount of sands in their hands.
They are having a competition.
The longer you hold that amount of sands in your hands, you win.
The more amount you kept in your hands, you win.
Just in case to be a winner, hold it longer and with the less amount of sands loss.
Therefore, everyone staring at their hands and hold the sands as hard as possible.
Somehow, sands are just to strange.
The harder a person hold it, the more amount of sands loss.
Eventually, at the end, nothing much left in the hands and with such less amount of sands left in the hands.
'Since so less left, why don't i just gave up and do other things for heaven sake', one of them thought.
So he just let go and see how the other two doing.
and he asked one of them.
"Hey there are nothing much less, you think you can win?"
'Since so less left, why don't i just kept the amount i have and continue with the competition at least i am better than you', the other thought.
Feeling imbalance and he went to ask another person.
Surprisingly, the guy still have a lots in the hands and he is not even focusing .
'How you did it ?', he asked.
'Nahhh, i just grab the sands then a sea gull caught my attention, and then the wave and then the sunsets, i don't even realized that i have that much in my hands, hey, where's yours? '
Just like that, the third guy win the competition.
What he won?
a handful of sands, the nice scenery.
The second guy?
a little bit of sands in the hand, painful hands and tired body.
The third guy?
a lesson.
So if there was such a match, who would you like to be?
What if the sands replaced to some things important of you?
What if it's love, happiness?
It was 3rd day of chinese new year and it's the 1st time we club with our old fellow classmate.
I am so happy to see my friend happily dancing enjoying themselves. that's at least what i felt.
May be clubbing is not a good thing and it's harmful to health ?(due to 2nd hand smoke or alcohol)
But what's wrong with hanging out with friends, move along with the music, have some drinks and having fun?
I just can't get the point at which the other half not letting the other half doing what they like.
Not trusting the other half or just that they are a control freak who want the other half become their own stuff.
Your other half is not your toy.
They harder you hold them, they would be crushed and damaged.
If you would like to have a damaged toy?
I would say, why not ?
Wait! May be your toy is just CLAY.
Clay change to whatever shape you like and they don't even spoilt.
Are you a Clay to your so called 'life partner'.? or should say 'master'
"Yes Master, your wish is my command."
bye bye. screw you !


Chinese New Year is always the best time.
Because other than getting ang pau.
I Get too see most of my busy friends !!! yay ~!!!
CNY! Salute!


pig said...

this post 上联不对下联 ==
im sure i know y u hv ur 2nd part of ur post hahahahahhahahahaha
anyway go find ur other half la
stop lookin bak start 2 move forward

pig said...

新年快乐 btw lol

~G~ said...