Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's Chinese New Year ~! 
and It's the time you get to see everyone and ask about how are they now ~
One thinG i love during Chinese New Year is that it's a super Gossip time ~!!!
You Get tons of information when people meet~!
Thou Gossip about people is so not good ~!!
However, it's the thing that hold all of us together.
When you have someone or something to gossip about ~~~
hey ~!!!
who don't love to Gossip ???
and ~! 
hey ~ i bet all of you know that there was a series named "Gossip Girl"~!!
Hurray ~ Gossips ROCKS~~!!!
Gossiping about other people is so much fun ~!!!
I wonder what people would like to Gossip about me at my back ~!!
haha ~!! just curious~~
I wonder I'm not that perfect until no one even care to Gossip about me at my back ~~
By the way, good thing about gossiping is that, you will know what people doesn't like other people deeds.
It's seems like a well of truth, a reflection about all the bad things people did.
When you are gossiping, it actually helps you yourself to know what people commonly dislike.
It's help you to become a better you but not the real you.
But who doesn't want everyone to love them ??? right ?
I love Gossip ~!!! :)


It's so not nice that during a "discussion"
others actually mentioned about something that you also did but just the main character is not you.
yea~ that's the time you should have a self realization, self reflection and it's time to change ~! 


pig said...

tell me 2 inbox me o msg me on msn LOL
n ur gossip wud b when will greg get another gf XD

~G~ said...

when ??? when i have enough money to have everything