Sunday, February 13, 2011


May be I have been watching too much movie or reading too much books that get me crazy.
However, i starts to believe in SINGS.
Have you Guys watched "Final Destination"?
There will always be a character who eventually become a "prophet" and s/he leads others to get away the "death" by some little observation of signs from don't know where.
And they avoided death.

So i starts to believe in signs.
God may be giving us some hints and if we can pay more attentions, we might get what God wanted to tell us and help us to avoid something.
Even from dreams, we also can find some hints.
Did you guys every dream of something and they actually happened ?
Or did you guys been to some situation which some how like "deja vu" and as if you guys have been been through it ?
When having pair of pets with the loved one.
One passed away for don't know reason why.
Then eventually the couple breaks up after a rough time.
Can that be a hints ?
Ahhh..I don't know ...
may be i should pay more attentions in every single little thing just that i can hints some hints and avoid some difficulties or get some fortune from that ???
When you pray you get something, when you don't pray, you won't get anything.
God bless me.


Somehow when I'm back to my hometown.
I felt like i am Getting lazier.
Oh...and fatter.. OMG~!
I should just leave this place to avoid that ! 
But ..Ahh !! I miss this place and the people here too Y.Y
sad thing.


pig said...

when u think of me its a sign of ur gettin lonely

~G~ said...

no ..when i saw you...
i sense headache !

pig said...

no when u c me u sense hapiness XD