Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puapa New Guinea

Since I joined this business, my parents was totally not happy and not being supportive in what I am doing.
Therefore, they dug out every contact they have and try to seek for the profession which I am studying.

They actually suggested me to go for Puapa New Guinea, located above Australia, and occupied the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, which left side is Indonesia. Papua New Guinea was once Australia and gained its independence some year around 1975.

I heard some saying that it’s easier to apply for PR in Australia after some years working in Papua New Guinea. I don’t know how real this is but I wish that it was real.

Growing up in the same small town with you is the happiest thing ever happened on me, it was like we are sharing something.I like that we are living in the same small town because I get to go where you have been and share the same atmosphere, may be the next person I met have been close to you and I get to hear a little but more about you.

However, when we growing older, everyone leaving the small town and went to big cities and live their own different life.

Australia, there is the place you further your education.
Australia, there is the place you wanted to get your PR in.
Australia, there is the place you wanted stay.
Australia, there is the place you spend Australia Dollar.
Australia, there is the place I don’t get to step in for the time being.

Once I wish I could gave up everything here and take my parent advise and then work hard at that rural country and then apply for Australia PR. May be at the end, I still can continue to share the same thing with you again.

How stupid!


I you could be successful in this business!
There will be nothing that you can't do !
Believe that you can success and do it !
Dream it do it ! 
Don't just dreaming ! 
time to move your lazy fat ass !


pig said...

be4 u stop mentionin n finkin bout "her"
d new "her" wont appear o even get closer

~G~ said...

erk hmm...wouldn't this be a new her ? bugger .:P

pig said...

i don fink so hohohohohoho
until this moment u nvr hv a new "her" altho u tried XD

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

There is no such thing that if you work in Papua New Guinea for few years then you may have better chance to get PR in Australia. That is plain rumour.
If I am not mistaken, you did Civil Engineering in uni. It will be easier for you to gain PR in Australia because you did Civ Eng.
Australia now values EXPERIENCE a lot. Therefore, if you have at least 2 years of work experience in Civil Eng industry, it is likely that you will get a PR. It will be better if you can work in Singapore. Singapore is a highly recognised country. It is likely that they will take into account the experience you gain in Singapore compare to Papua New Guinea

~G~ said...

Hi, thanks for sharinG ~~~
I agree with you, but this is just what i think lar ~! lol ~~~

If work at there for few years i also Got experience mah kan :) hehehe ~!
by the way different places different standards, wouldn't it be better because puapa new guinea might having the same standard as australia ?
some more the salary of the job i get at puapa new guinea is way higher compared to singapore wei ~!! :)