Monday, April 6, 2009

The Red Carpet Affair

4th of April 2009~
it was UNIM annual dinner~!!!
The Red Carpet Affair~!!!
i don't even know i Get a Premium seats~!!!
with normal price~!!! ^.^
thankyou ~!! who ever that helped me to Get the ticket~:P
haha~but actually ~!!! also same one lar ~!!!
i sit for like~~30 minutes??? !!
then started walkinG around takinG picture already ~!! :P

This is the menu of our dinner~!!!
haha ~~!! see the RED circle ???
haha ~ seems like our desserts are Chinese Tea oh ~^.^

haha~ so basically~!!!
this post will be full of picture~!!!! >.<
hahaha~! :P
more picture in my facebook or clickhere
the fun part of annual dinner is only actually takinG pictures with friends in nice clothes~ :P

Mr. NottinGham????
haha~ nolar ~!!
this is RONNY~!!
The BEST Dressed MALE that niGht ~:P


We are TAWAUians~!!!
haha ~! fun thinG of that niGht is us all ~~
didn't wear that "STRICTLY FORMAL"~!!
we all wear jeans ~ and sneakers~!!! haha ~
trying to act cool ~:P

Then AMELIA ~!!!
only Get to take photo with her at the end of the Dinner~ >.<
haha~!! everyone ~!!
let's Go support her band "The Last Minutse" this Tuesday niGht at Nottingham Great Hall~!! :)
Then..these people are really out of my expectation ~!!!!
they CAME~!!!!
this damn happenninG "penGukur Jalan Raya"~!!
haha ~!!!she is damn lazy ~!!!hehe :P
haha ~ cause she Graduated dy ~!! till now still don't want to work >.<
haha ~ or perhaps she is waitinG to Get marry ??? ^.^
ugh~! last time i saw her was like September 2008?
and also~!!
I saw RACHEAL ~aGain~!!
at the annual dinner~!!!
hrmm~!! felt like met her everywhere one Geh ??? ^.^
this Cute tiny Girl with a cute bloG ~!
she is tiny ~!! because i'm too BIG size :P
haha ~ i don't know her but always ~ read her bloG :P
and also Mr. TonG Swi LonG~!!
who us used to work toGether durinG the iPhone launch~!!
oh ~! and the Girl beside him ~!!!
damn hot wei ~!!! i just realized when i see the pic ~!!!
she's dollygurl friend ~!!! arghh ~!!!
shit ~!too drunk~!!
i didn't approach her that niGht ~~!!
REGRET wei ~!!!!! T.T

As a conclusion ~!!!
it was a fun niGht ~!!!
the dinner is kind of borinG but the clubbinG part at MOS is nice ~!! ^.^
havinG fun there ~!! really ~!! :P


and this is a short story of my "GAY" friend that niGht ~!! :P
*featurinG : Azry~A and Thomas~T*

1st ~ Azry proposed to Thomas ~!!

A: "Can i be your Dude tonighT~!! ??"
T*shy shy like that*: "yyyyeaaa...babe~~"

2nd~Perfect match ~!! let's have a "CouPle" Photo~!!

3rd~muacks muacks XOXO~!!

A: "let's kiss babe"
T: "Urgh~!! come one ~! i LOVE you dear~!!"
they kissed and they lived happily ever after ~!!


(just for cleareance ~!! THEY are both StraiGht Guy~!!this is just for fun only ~! haha :P)


♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

SOFA!! xD lolz~
wei wei..
u dun knw ppl how cum wil take photo ler?
so dare ler u..
or shud say u thick face xD
hahahahah =p
so many pretty gals photo!!
yii~~ so realistic la u~

~G~ said...

Beauty and the wolf ms :)
Hahaha :p
Aiyo..because is friend's friends ma :)
then we share one table :)
Haha:)got more leng lui in my facebook ler :)
Wahkakaka ^.^

pig said...

u stupid 1 la.. d hottest 1 din approach wa.. approach liao then intro ma.. reli wan 2 scold u stupid m***** f***** d**** head!!!!
not interest wif this post anymore..
so angry now!! XD

~G~ said...

oh ~!!!!
you say other not hot izzit ~!!!
na na na h!!! you going to be a dead man ~!!! :P
wahkaka ~!!!i pray for you ~! seriously ~!!! >.<
good luck :)

pig said...

hottest means d most.. not meaning others not hot.. juz she's d no.1..
try 2 make me a dead man?? not as stupid as u m8.. ngek ngek..
gals.. u know y he say like tat?? becoz tat's wut he in hi mind.. jajaja..
u better start rolling.. good luck..
give u 1 song from limp bizkit "keep rolling rolling rolling.."

~G~ said...

haha ~!! all the girls are hottest girl ~!!
cannot compare one ~
nah ~!! cannot save dy you ~!! haha ~!
die lor~!!
so you are the one who need to rool ~ ^.^

pig said...

fuk u.. cb la u..
if every1 is d same.. there will b no d most la.. booooooo..
dun make me mad o.. o i'll bring some1's name out d o.. u dun wan tat happen at here d o.. so better surrender o.. faz faz..
u surrender i'll spare ur life o u'll die in thousand pieces.. XD

~G~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~G~ said...

GG dy ~ stay quiet ~! :P
bye bye ~

pig said...

u deleted ape comment??
gg edi?? i think i know wut's in it.. unless i dont.. XD
din c this time tiam.. shit..
faz faz surrender o u'll need 2 delete another 1 o.. ngek ngek ngek ngek..