Monday, March 23, 2009

1st part time JOB~

haha~~the past 3 days ~
i have been workinG~

for my 1st part time job~!
so tired and exhausted :P
so~this will be a lonG lonG lonG post ~~ haha ~ :P

well~let's Get started~~ :)
from previous post~
i said that i'll be workinG as a starwars performer~
so ~ now i'm one of the character at star wars ~ :P
this is how i l00ks like when workinG ^.^

1st day~ i'm a JEDI~
and i met ASTRO awani 女主播 havinG some shootinG there :P

2nd day~this is how i looks like >.<
kinda creepy~~
Dark Morph:"hey~i come in peace ~!i just wanna buy I-phone~!"

3rd day~
i become a normal promoter ~ :P
because they cut off to many people home and ended out not enough people working @.@

Firstly,Thank you JAMES Lai(my course mate)~!!!
who introduce this job to me :P
i really have so much fun while working and i met a lots of cool people ~ :P
so ~ these are the cool people :P

James, Mar-Xha, and GreG
Mar-xha is so sweet and havinG a lots of cool piercinG :P
she's my team-leader ^.^
Maisa and Miyumi~
half japanese blood chicks ~
they are so funny and talkative :P

GreG, May, Eugene, Chau, HuiShian
Sean, Harvey, Sharon, Kim
this is the time we all havinG break toGether :P

these cool fella ~~

and this is a part of the workers :P
etc. etc .etc.
haha ~~ to messy to name them all :P
sorry dude :P

this is my 1st job~
and it's really fun workinG toGether ~~ :P
i will miss all of you ~!!!

and also the i-phone that had been given back T.T
bye bye~

Apart from all of that ~~!!
the coolest thinG is ~~!!!

i met KENNYSIA in real person ~~!!
and get to listen to his words from his mouth~~
instead of readinG his words from his bloG only ~~ :P
never expected~!! at the last day duh ~
wow ~~~so damm excitinG wei ~!!!
he is not as skinny as i expected and as tall as i expected ~~ hahaha ~~ :P
opps~~ kennysia's reader~ don't hit me for sayinG that ar >.<

Kennysia and GreG
Kenny sia have a Good smile :P
love his smile duh ~ :P


besides beinG so happy ~ and havinG so much fun ~ T.T
i only knew that my another cousin had passed away T.T
in a period of not more than 1 year T.T
i had 3 relative passed away T.T
life is a brief candle
dear all ~~ may you all rest in peace ~


pig said...

kennysia is wut loi tao??
dun hit me 2.. ><

Baldwin said...

yo Greg...nice to have bumped into u the other day bro! =)

chubikia said...

I like Kenny's shirt :P

~G~ said...

why so serious ~ :P wahkaka :P