Wednesday, July 8, 2009



you become more and more charminG^.^


aLaN88Ma0 said...

u at Tawau ma right??
go Badminton lo~~
go Football lo~~
go Gym lo~~
go Jogging lo~~
go Basketball lo~~
many things can do de wo~~
haha~~ if u no kaki~~ find me la~~
we together keep fit~~ hehe

feierh said...


~G~ said...

alan ~! you cakap punya ah `! jangan cakap aje ya ~!
hahahah ~!
let's do it at midniGht ~! :P hehe ~!
fei erh ~! anyway! toniGht yum cha still on yea ~! wahahahaaha ~! :P

VUI SENG said...

Haih....Greg, hopefully this time is the real one :P

~G~ said...

wahahaha ~! hopefully ~! hopefully ~! after finish my intern 1st lar ~! :P
wei ~! milton say kapalai and mabul! rm 400 3 days 2 niGht ~!!!
hahaha ~! ask him for detail ~! :P

pig said...

y say like tat?? u nvr know wut happen 2moro..
look at d bright side..
b confident n go chase liang moi la..
liang moi not onli like liang zai d ma.. oso like romantic guy d ma..

~G~ said...

wahahaha ~!
i wanna lose weiGht only ~!!!
lose weiGht~!!!
100kG wei !!! omG !

cii said...

jiayou la..since ur sista oso want to lose weight..and she really did it geng..
u??? gambateh la bar..wakakkaa=P

~G~ said...

she where Got ~!wahhaha

yihshin said...

can't stop lol-ing... good luck! :D

Girl Girl Lian said...

Pass by..

Gambateh neh^^

Mic said...

hey hey...祝减肥成功 xD

~G~ said...

xie xie ~!duo chia~! duo jie sai ~!
terima kasih ~! thankyou!!!!
pray for me yea~! :P
haha ~! surely will work hard to lose weiGht~! wahkakaka~! :P