Sunday, July 26, 2009


It was 24th of JULY 2009...
In a rush after GreG off from his work, FeiErh and HuiXin were in front of GreG's house with a little box shown above. It was a Birthday present from the name shown in the picture above also. We are GoinG to "suprise" JANET because it was her birthday ~! Before that . we rush to a bakery to buy a cake for her too ~! :P

this is your birthday present ~! hope that you will love it ^.^
ah ~! plz use ! ok ! before it dried up ~! hehe ~!

Opps ~! did you smell what JANET is cookinG ???
yea~! she was cookinG when we reached her house and she is cookinG ~! :P
wow ~! Guys ~! JANET can cook !!! no kiddinG ~! hahaahahha ^.^
worth to consider riGht ? :P

After she done with her cookinG ~!
We surprised her with the "cake" we buy ~! and also the present ~!

Happy Janet with her cutie little small and tiny "cake" plus her AnnaSui.

Happier JANET with her BIGGer cake ~!

Opps ~! you Got it riGht aGain ~! even how poor we are or even how worst is the economy, surely we will buy a "resonable" cakes for the birthday present one ~! hahahaha ~!
Chit chat for a while ~! then, we Go home ~!
another celebration aGain ~!
We Go to "HOME TOWN" a so called karaoke lounGe!

aGain, GreG Greet her ~! =.="
and GreG finally found out which parts of TAWAU got Shisa ~! yeahhhh !!!!
and also the 1st time consuminG this brand of alcohol called "SWING"~!
Someone was too happy~!!!!
and she did a stunt ~!
and i Guarantee that she will reGret ~!!!!!
see ~!!!! what i said ~!
after she done with her stunt !!!!
directly dozed of ~! OMG~! T.T
she's dead ~! sleepinG deadly X.X
the place is closinG soon and ended up ...... T.T GreG is the pity Guy @.@
Alone with his old and tired body...
he had to carry this Little Tiny Girl but yet HEAVY girl home #.#
Did you Guys wanna know what's her weiGht ?
Let's count ~!
(GreG current weiGht / 2)+ 5 kG.
that's the formula for her weiGht ~!
By The WAY ~!
don't forGet to Greet ShinYee ~!
her birthday was at 23July !!!



GreG finally Got home at 4am.
and the next day was beinG scold by MOMster because the car smells like shit !
it was filled with smoke and alcohol smell T.T
pity Me ..
however ~!
hope you both birthday Girls enjoys your birthday ~! :)

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janetgan said...

shin yee's bday is 23.07 OKKKKK...
and remove the sleeping pic please!