Monday, July 6, 2009

FishinG NiGht

After SMSC, my previous hiGh school 45th anniversary celebration..
MICHAEL and GREG Get alonG and "yum cha"..
and suddenly~
somethinG popped out from our mind~!
Hey dude~Let's Go FISHING~!!!!
before that~! both of us Go home and have a rest 1st because too tired of the celebration at the day time ~! :P
it shows 2000, both of us prepared and buy the fishinG stuff at a hypermarket~! :P
this is our WEAPON to conquer the fish ~!! wahkakaka !
fishinG strinG, hooks, somethinG heavy, knife~!
simple yet enouGh ~! :P
how about the bait ?
we Get some PRAWN and LEKOR :)
after that ~!
start fishinG ~!
our fishinG spot is YATCH CLUB Tawau ~ !
a place where you can find the cheapest beer ever ~! :P hahaha ~!
Each of us Get ourselves one bottle of TiGer beer ~! ^.^
yeah ~! then started to fish ~!! :)
so happy~!
we havinG a lots of fun fishinG~!
enjoyinG the breeze~! our beer ~! awwhh ~! RELAX~!!!!
at the end of the niGht ~!
we Get nothinG ~!!! T.T
and MICHAEL thrown the whole bundle of strinG into the sea twice!!!!!
we didn't Get any fish ~! >.<>
  • Fish doesn't eat LEKOR !
  • It is harder to fish durinG niGht with full moon
  • Tie your strinG at somewhere else if you doesn't have any fishinG rod~! :P
  • Aih ~! since all the bait finished ~!
    we ended up with drinkinG and sinGinG at YATCH CLUB~!
    ah ~! can't tahan already~!
    later on....
    we Go to TRC karaoke lounGe for another drink and karaoke time to call off our niGht~!!!
    it was a fun niGht~!!!
    but i'm sufferinG from hanG over now workinG >.<



    Ceci said...

    we oso got went for fishing at yatch club 2weeks ago..hahaha..
    many fish being killed by us..pityy=|

    Ceci said...

    n u guys so "za" one..hahaha..
    we get 5 fish at tht nite oh..
    but some got poison=S lol

    ~G~ said...

    the day we go was tui chao bah ~!!!
    haha ~! you guys go with who ~!!! never ajak ~! T.T