Wednesday, July 22, 2009


As what we planned...
SUNDAY~! wew~! let's Go TAMAN BUKIT TAWAU ~!!!
BABI KILL aGain ~!
actually we late for 2 hours ~! but Malaysian timinG mah ~! didn't late ~! wew ~! :P
Firstly, called almost everyone, because i forGot to call some .
Then, Car came, Go Giant and we bouGht what we need.
After that, directly Go to our destination ! TAMAN BUKIT TAWAU !
FINALLY, we reached TAMAN BUKIt TAWAU ~! let's BABI KILL!!!

Taman Bukit Tawau is actually quite a nice place. It consists of ...... ......thinking ...... hrmm...... .......errrr ...... erm............too many to describe for detail i know there is a Garden, hotspring, some trail, river, waterfall, trees, grass, fish, stone, sand, resorts, fresh air etc etc.
i thouGht this place will never appears in the website...
who knows ~! miracle !
it does appears !!! (click here for detail )
so this is us! and one more as the camera man.
Guess what are we doinG ???? mentioned above..
we directly buy our stuff and go there riGht ?
so we doesn't clean our food !!! yewww ~!
we use the river to clean our food ~! T.T
i still felt yucky ~!!!
but better than doesn't clean lar ~!!! =.="
those ancient ppl also use river ma, riGht ?
This is the 1st time i clean my food usinG the river and it was kinda Good experience. :P
By the way, we are at can be considered the up stream. And we clean the chicken with a lots of people at the downstream playinG happily , shoutinG and screaminG Gracefully.
I wonder if they feel the oily and the dirty thinG that we "accidently" "dropped" into the river.
Opps ~! sorry people ~! ^.^
Mr. Chok, our chef~!
Our well cooked chicken with curry powder ~!
i must tell you Guys ~! it was yummy~!
even thouGht i still feel that it was not clean T.T
ShinYee~! the camera man~! a cute and funny girl ~! haha ~!
LonG time doesn't see her and she joined us for the BABI KILL~! so happy ~!

Lastly ~! with MILTON drivinG over 110km/hr with his HILUX and we sit at the back ~! i felt like i was sittinG on a roller coaster ~! so i let my hands up ~! wow ~! and it was extremly fun ~!
Suddenly, i missed last summer ~! when i'm at CEDAR POINT , the BEST amusement park in the world ~!
ah ~! i missed Maverick ! TopThrill DraGster! MeanStreak ! Millennium Force ! Mantis ! MaGnum ! i missed USA alots a lots and alots and alotsssssssssss ~!!!! T.T


- Alfred - said...

of cuz u miss USA so much lar... haha =) got taiwanese lehhhhhh/.... hahaha =) i think i recalled wat's her name le... hahah =)

~G~ said...

haha ~! no you salah sudah ~!!! hehehe ~!
because USA Got cedar point ! and also Bud liGht ~! :P
btw ~! i know why you Go to MIRI so early ~! because your sister oreintation ?? NO!! it's bacause Got some one there...
since i can't tell people her name ~! i decided to tell the 1st and last words of her name ~!
well.. it starts with 'J' and end with 'nee'~!
hahahah ~! hapy lar you ~