Monday, August 31, 2009

They come from HONG KONG !

Sunday ~!
WAW~! what a sunny day ~!
GreG only wakes up at 1pm due to drinkinG too much the previous niGht and dozed off ~!!!
because Ken's have Guests from HONG KONG~!!!!
and yeah ~! we become tour Guide ~!!!
so ~! this is Ken ~! :P
the new KhooKenYip who now thirsty for beer every sinGle moment ~!
They are Alex and Jeffery~
don't you Gus felt that Jeffery luks familiar like someone ?
AlfreDICK ? ^.^
From Left to riGht ~!
Jacky, AnGel, Alice ~!!!
waw ~! AnGel is so pretty ~and her boyfriend is Jacky ~! :P
no chance lur ~! T.T
ok ~ ! done introducinG them ~!
continue with.....
waw ~! Sunday was Great ~!!!!
We decided to Go for fishing ~!!!!
and here we Go ~! TanjunG batu ~!!!!!
Everyone looks so serious ~!
Ken acts like he is a Pro-Fisher ~! but yet ~~! usinG only strinG and hooks ~! T.T
what a "PRO" wahkakaka ~!
as we started fishing ~!!!!
i've been fishinG for so many times ~! but never ! i Get a fish ~!!!!
and this Girl ~!!! WTF!!!!
she Get a kinda biG fish just in a few minutes after we start !!!
i wonderinG if fish is just like Guys ~!!!
even thouGht they know that's it's was a traps ! still~ they Go for it ~!!!
所谓:英雄难过美人关啊 !
i Guess she can also Get a fish without usinG any baits :P
So ~! this is our catch of the days ~!
i'm no lonGer the old me ~!
i Get some fish !!!
the 2 little fish ~!!!!
AnGel Get the biG fish and the snake like disGustinG creature !! yucks (>.<) and also one small fish ~!
Ken and Jacky Get 1 but too small..they let them Go ~!
Pity Jeffery and Alex didn't catch anythinG ~!
they just busy throwinG baits feedinG the fish ~! wahhahaha !!!!
After fishinG !
the next destination is RESTAURANT!!!!
and they maGically turns our catch into this yummy dishes !!!!
includinG the dunno what long disGustinG creature ~! ^.^
Hurray ~!!!!!
ok ~! time to eat ! bye bye ~! :P
Only realized fishinG is so tirinG !!!
some of the Group dozed off after the meal ~!
only GreG, Alex, and Ken Go K-Box for drinks, sinG, and....ladies ~!!??? :P
Ken and Alex went back at 1.30am ~!
GreG meet ChinHoweSionG and Teoh half way and we decided to Go R&B for some dancinG ~! :P
ah ~!
after everythinG we felt like eatinG and it's was 4am ~!
Due to HARI MERDEKA ~!!! Great! MERDEKA!!!
all the fuckinG reastaurant had finished sellinG their food ~! T.T SOLD OUT!
we have fuckinG nothinG to eat and ended up sleepinG with hungry stomach and heavy head ~! T.T
OUCH ~! i felt like headache now @.@


i wake up at 8.30am don't know for what reason ~! :P
ah ~! borinG ~!

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