Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kacau+inG colleaGue

Wow~! WorkinG is borinG~!!!
so let's have some fun ~!!!!!!
My colleaGue, Miss Chin suddenly comes up with an idea to "mess" with my another colleaGue, AlanKoh one day after lunch~!so she tarGeted his caR~!!!! wow wow~! oh o !!! i'm feelinG no Good riGht now ~!!!
what is she GoinG to do ????? OMG~!!!
when reached office~! she took out a pair of scissor~!!!!
oh Gosh ~!!! what is she goinG to do ??????? OMG~!!!!
oh plz don't let it be what i think she will be doinG ~!!!!
I Guess i'm wronG when she took out a piece of paper, pen, and some tapes...
and writinG "LOVE U babe !" on that particular piece of paper. =.="
what is she GoinG to do soon ???? hrmmm i wonder ~!
but i felt better as it wasn't as worst as i think of ~!!!
.she then approach the car...the back of the car...
WOW~!!! see the circle ???? the red, Green and white circle???
what you found in it ???
YES~!!! a CAM~!!!!!
normally activated while reversinG the car ~! :P haha ~!!!!
and what next ????
yeah..she covered the cam with the tape prepared just now ~!!!! =.="
OPPS ~!!!!
one more thinG~!!!!!

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