Saturday, August 15, 2009

Practise doesn't make perfect.!

AmazinGly~i manaGe to wake up and Go to church that Sunday!!!
wow~! and have an opportunity to listened to a nice preach~! ^.^
Halleluyah ~! Praise the lord~!

"Practise DOESN'T make perfect! WHY???",asked the PASTOR.
"Practise doesn't make perfect as it's only make a HABIT", he said.
"No Matter how hard you PRACTISE, with the WRONG skills, will you become perfect?", he then added.
i totally aGreed. Don't you ???

and a lots of preachinG...etc.etc.etc..

and then he cauGht my FULL attention aGain.

the PASTOR says, "说话是要清楚的, 是要有风度的...生命是需要纠正的"

(which means, we must be clear about what are we talking, talking with demeanour, life can be corrected) .TALKING is a skill.....
If you are NOT learninG this at younG aGe, you will learn it later throuGh pain, throuGh hurt, and just that you will realized that's not correct...
do you want to know that you are WRONG for your whole life and only knew it when you been to those unwanted and avoidable hurts and pain?

Do you want to Give away you opportunity to become successful because of your RUDE and not understandinG words? Because you have been practisinG it since younG ???


"哎哟, 他/她是这样的啦~习惯就好,虽然他嘴巴很毒,可是心是好的.." 曾经说过类似的话吗??

have you ever said that, "Let it be, he/she doesn't mean it..."


虽然如此, 说过的话已经无形中伤害了一个人....

what had been said will hurt a person without any acknowledGement


even the person who understands you the most or your best friend, the words that you think is not harmful will become seeds of



do you want it ?!!! for me, i won't let it be ! i can't afford to lose my best friend.!!!


talkinG is a kind of ARTs.



Think before you TALK before it's to late.

if you feel that somethinG's wronG around you,
make a self-examination,
think what's wronG with you,
not what's wronG with other people!!!
make a chanGE!!!!

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