Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi ~! FishY fishY~!

First of all ~! yeah ~!!!
BBQ aGAin ~! at Taman Bukit Tawau ~!!!!!
This Sunday was an extremely Good weather Sunday! ~!!!
it doesn't rain and it's hot like my mother fucker and roastinG my balls ~!!!!
but it chill me down when we reached the stream ~!!!!!
and today! with more people ~!!! and one more extra activity !!!!!
this time we have 10 people plus Milton the 11th people ~! because he say he had to see that if he was free to Go ....all of us just assumed that he will not Go as eveytime he say : "see 1st" means will not see him one ~! hahahaha ~!!!!
however ~!! SURPRISE!!!! he showed up !!! half way we are havinG fun ~!! so happy !!!!
Guess what we had in the stream ...???
water ? stone ? woods ? leaf ? soil ?
yeah ~! all of them are in the stream ~!!!
and also~!!!! FISH~!!! a lots of little fish ~! different kinds but almost the same kind of fishes~!!!
so...that's our new activity of the day except BBQ ~!!!
catchinG fish competition ~!!!!
without any nets, fishinG road or whatever to catch fish !!!!
i never could imaGine that how fun was catchinG fish ~!!!!
and somemore it was a competition !!!! amonG ourself ~!!!
and Guess who's the winner ????
de denGGGGG~!!!!!!!
nope ..this is not the champion ~! they are Aubo and Shoo... the 2nd runner-up!!!!
they used knife and some stick and also empty bottle to make some fish traps in case to catch fish !!!!
how about this team ??? the champion ????
NOOOOO~!!! BOooooooOOoo~!!!!
They are Milton and HuiXin~!! the 1st runner up!!!!
usinG plastic bags with some little hole to catch fish !!!!!
the Get quite some amount of fish !! big fish ! small fish !!!!
wow ~!! still..they are not the champion !!!!~!!! T.T
here comes the most excitinG moment!!!!
here comes the unbeatable and the most potential fisherman ~!!!
and also the CHAMPION!!!!!!!!
MR.GreG and Mr. Bartho~!!!!!
usinG their own clothes and some stone to catch the fish ~!!!!
haha ~!!!! amount of fish catched .....uncountable ~!!! (actually is just quite a huge amount and we are too lazy to count)
ok ~!!!
now we know that if we can't find a job after Graduated ~!!
at least ! we can both partner up and become fisher man ~!!!!
sell ikan bilis perhaps !!!!!
that Sunday was s fun and happy sunday ~!!!
it was the 1st time i hold a pity tiny little fish in my hands..
and also lettinG those freaks putting those fish into my butt while we are posinG for the most memorable moment of our fish catchinG days !!!!! T.Tbesides....the most awkward moment is that some others Group of girls accidently saw some fish 'escapinG' from my white, round and beautiful 'moon' ~!! !@#$#!@$!@$wth!!!!
sit dai sai T.T

Aubo is leavinG today ~!! bye bye ~!!!
have your last sem at uk !!!!
see you soon at penanG!!!!

i put on 't-shirts' on my body just in case someother else saw it and vomit or friGthened and sue me ~! ^.^
hahaha ~!!! bye ~! have fun ~!


feierh said...

HAHAHA your photoshop tshirt very nice wor:p

p/s: Aubo is leaving to Dublin...he nvr study in the UK.

~G~ said...

haha ~! opps not included Dublin mer ????
haha....i used paint only ~! i don't know how to use photo shop wor ~! :P haha ~! teach me ~! :P