Sunday, December 21, 2008

aLL bY MysELf... T.T

"all by my self~~~~ it's gonna be ....ALL BY MY SELF!!!!! ~~~~"uhhh.... :'(

sTARt fRoM nOw, i'm totally islanded.....
WHat the HEck !... T.T i'm all alone !! home alone too !!!

today,after having breakfast....
i sent Joseph to KTM !!
that G.U.Y is going H.O.M.E !!!

then, is LAUREN !!
stuPid ! JinGJie also leaving at the samE day.. as Joseph...

Nai Cin !! CinDY !!
all my cool hanging out fren were gone !!
since last week !!
life without them = B.O.R.I.N.G lah !!

MiltOn stay SO FARRRRRRRR!!!!
wanna find him also hard...
all i get is my DEar AlberT...
which always go cc with sam n juanda !! :D
oh my god...

i'm all alone this particular moment !!!
i wanna SinG K !!!
i wanna PLay SquasH!!!
i wanna go broga supper !!!!
without u guys....
what's life i'm having ??@.@
watching movir for 24- 7 in my small stinky room....wuuuhhhhhuhhhuuuu... :(

worst thing is ...
i just found out i'm sick... #.#
GOD !! you are so so so GOOD~~~! >.<

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