Monday, December 29, 2008

YEah YEah !!eatinG...shoppinG movie+inG

lonG time didn't go out walk walk relax relax and"Gai Gai"already !!
that day ...ME JOSEPH JINGJIE 3 of us go out relax relax !!! yeah !!!

so here Goes our plan:
1. Go jusco BALAKONG buy movie ticket
2. JOSEPH cut hair at jusco BALAKONG
3. LUNCH at jusco BALAKONG
4. Go MID-VALLEY shopinG and dinner
5. watch movie back at jusco BALAKONG

wow wow !!! the plan looks nice yea !! wakaka !! :D
but then we screw it up !! wakakaka !!
out of 5 of it ...we only did 2....the 1st and the last ...wahaha ...

accidents do happen !!!
so...JOSEPH fail to cut his hair..
we failed to have dinner at MID-VALLEY...T^T
i wanna eat i-draGon...wuuwuuhuhuhu...T.T

so i learned somethinG...
lesson 1: never plan when wanna Go shoopinG!!!so it won't screw you up at the end of the day !!!

at the end of the day...
we watched.........................*DENGDENGDENGDENG!!!*

wow !!i love this scenes so much !! this Guy is so fcukinG relaxinG!! wakaka !!

yeah !! i love this movie so much !!!
it talks about.....
Go watch yourself la !! aiyo !!!
yeah !!! i love MOVIE !!! MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE !!!

however !!!
nothing is Greater than this...
Guess what!!!
Yeah~ YEAh~ !
i bouGht a new cloth !!!
new shirt~~yeah yeah~~
fittinG room+ME+future new cloth+mobile phone~~yeah yeah !! was my new cloth???


cindy said...

joseph is there already mer?
that's not yesterday izzit?
that's week be4..

Anonymous said...

not bad lar.. at least you look slim in the fitting room XD

~GreaT GlorY~ said...

haha ...that's y i say that day !!! wakaka!!
but now getting fatter..oh my god ..dunno can fit o not during cny...:D