Wednesday, December 24, 2008


since NaiCin and Cindy always call me 不负责任的男人 ….
I decided to change my blog name became
“ 不负责任臭男人GreG的世界”
meaning that “irresponsible stupid freak’s world” hahaha…
so I’ll come out with something like how to be a irresponsible guy….
a freak… asshole…..a bad guy….someone that girls hate….
haha…..hope to see you guys soon !!!



Anonymous said...

merry xmas greg!!! so u've finally chosen blogspot over wordpress huh? anyway, i'm looking forward to see more posts! :) take care!

♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

haha so funny wor u.. no ned to stab urself like tat gua? lolz =p
hey merry christmas and god bless =)