Friday, May 1, 2009

The 100th ~!!!

Hurray ~!!!!
waw ~!!
this is the 1st time i tried 12 favor of cake in one row ~!!
fantastic ~!!
however ~! T.T
i felt like wanted to vomit after finishinG it ~! >.<


so this is out siGnature of everyone atendet that day ~!!!
awhh ~!!
i love reunion ~!!!
never talked so much and beinG so happy like today~!!!
hey friends ~!!
let's have some more reunion aGain ~!!
i really missed you Guys a lots ~!!!


janetgan said...

no one miss me?don't u guys miss me? i'm at least, a kai xin guo , right?

sob sob

~G~ said... not here you not here ~!! hehehe ~! :P
wahkakaka :P

huixin said...

hahaha..ok la..i miss u..miss ur hao shuang..