Monday, May 18, 2009


erm ~! it's GoinG to be my exam shortly~!!
oh my God ~!
relax relax 1st ~! :P
and i saw my friend playinG this ~!!
this is the most STUPID ever GAME i played before ~!!!
but it was fun ~!!!!
go and play ~!!
click here to access
STUPID GAME !!! @.@'

EverythinG implied in this Game is virtual.
Do not try it at also cannot !!! and classroom too ~!!!

take your own risk....

If cannot access from the link provided...
1.Login FACEBOOK~!
2.Type "mindjolt"
3.Join the application
4.Find "KAROSHI" at the paGe
5.Enjoy or suffer depends on you ~!!
ah ~!
just in case ~!!!
here is the cheat ~!! click cheat to acccess ~!!! ^.^
have ??? FUN ???
i don't think anyone can finish it without the walk throuGh ~! :P hahaha ~!
remember to tell me how you feel after playinG or while playinG ar ~! ^.^
hehehe ~!
. mindjolt ~! play the "Crazy Taxi" as well ~!!!
haha ~! it's fun if you get a bunch ot friend and beat each other score :P


p.s.: oh my God ~!!
i shoukld really study now ~!!
i spend like hours to finish the Games ~! T.T

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