Thursday, May 7, 2009


Milton says ~!!!!

"Who the hell will ever buy this bread???!!"


see ~!!! there's MEXICO in it's name ~!!!!
don't afraid of SWINE FLU mer~!!???


Ceci said...

ouu..who mind??
hav a try thn u will know wat happen after

~G~ said...

hahaha ~!!!!
but it doesn't looks tasty also ~! so i didn't buy ~!! wahkakaka :P
may be Got ppl makan dy kena er ~!! who know wor ~! ahahhaha :P

pig said...

if tat bun will bring disease it oledi been quarantine(<-got spell wrong??) la..
greg.. i'll kill u after u kill me.. come kill me plz..

Anonymous said...

wah ~! i kill you dy how you suppose to kill me ?????
huh ~ ?!? :P
hahaha ~!!
who knows ~!!
they "hu lue" already ler ???? :P
u know mah ~! my place here...semenyih so isolated :P
hahahaha :P


chubikia said...

As long as its not IMPORTED from Mexico. :)

When do you finish exams?!

pig said...

u kill me 1st then u jiu know how i kill u d le..
come kill me le.. hurry..

~G~ said...

mr LOOOOO...
25th may~!
i dun wan to be a murderer~!! >.<

pig said...

fine.. then ask milton run me over.. hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!