Saturday, May 30, 2009

Panasonic LX3

apa ni ~!!!
what is this ~!!!
let me introduce to you ~!!!!
it's PANASONIC LX3 !!!!
this is the box~!
this is LX3
the LCD
NICE ler~!!!i meant the camera~!!!
not the picture i took :P
these is taken by my phone camera~!!!because my old camera is broken T.T
click here to see how it's break (>.<)
haha ~!!! NEW camera~!!!
sure need to camwhore lar~!!!
me and LX3~!
now~! focus on me ~!!
Focus on the LX3~!


pig said...

feel sry 4 alf coz long time oso din go his blog le.. immediately drop 1 comment 4 him..
n now come here bomb ur blog le.. wahahahahaha..
bomb wif H1N1? looooooool

yihshin said...

:D buy LX3 lar!! then we can learn to take pics together!!

yihshin said...

anyway thank you soooooooo much for helping me.. thank youuuuu

Muzzy said...

gregory..tmr go home ar? look on ur picture and u dint shaved!! almost like mr potatoes ady

chubikia said...

Thought u got urself a new camera AGAIN. Haha. :P

Anonymous said...

what is the price of the camera? :)

~G~ said...

opps ~!! sorry ~! tawau lausy place cannot on 9 T.T
the prie is 1550
pig~!!!today i go "jim" ler ~!! :P
hahaha ~! muzzy ~!!! here very sienz ar ~~!!! aiks ~!!
kenneth ~!!! i wan that camera ~!! my birthday 17 jun ~!! :P

pig said...

wait me greg >< i wanna go oso..

pig said...

sry.. i rephrase 1 word.. not greg.. is mimi.. i'm coming mimi.. wait me..

KΛtΞ_Jiun Pui said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pig said...

lol? XD

Anonymous said...

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